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Stop Whining. Trump’s PLAYING You

January 7, 2017
“I know how to work the media in a way that they will never take the lights off of me.” – Donald Trump, 2014, on running for president
It astounds me to see ADULTS whining and wetting their pants about Trump on twitter. All that he does must be seen in light of the above statement.
Trump is using an old corporate technique called MANAGEMENT BY REVOLUTION.
The new boss comes in and makes himself known immediately.
Generally there is one high-profile firing at the start, but the method always gets going with a stream of memos so that people definitely feel the new presence and don’t speak about the way the previous boss did things. The old management is O-U-T.
All the media coverage about fake Russian hacking of the election is no more than an attempt to undermine the authority of the new boss, like people in a company undermining the new boss – and Trump will combat that by forcing media attention on himself.
He will do it as long as he feels it is necessary to whip media in line.
Remember how Nixon got ragged for saying “I AM the president”? Same thing.
He has known precisely what he is doing all along – and THAT is what upsets people who want to believe he’s an idiot.
Go underestimate him. Here’s Trump with a roomful of people who underestimated him:

Dump Your TV! It Is Poisoning You!

December 30, 2009


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Recently, over at Facebook a fellow posed this question to me:

The right wing religious dopes have been the ones to manipulate the best mareketing and media since the 1990s. Where are those with rational, humanistic, and left wing interpretations of religion and values? Barely visible in the media….

Here is my answer:
Friend, that is only because TV – which is the dominant form of masturbatory brainwashing we have in our society – will never handle complex issues. First of all, the people who make TV programing are just not that deep. They know nothing but how to make more TV. That’s it. They know nothing of life outside their insular community. They barely read and they dare not venture outside the box of life. They actually work for their “agents” and those big agencies only want them to do one thing: Make money for the agency. So they go from job to job, essentially redoing what they have done before. If you seek any depth or originality, don’t expect to find it on the screen of the advertising machine. The providers of TV want to supply stuff just comfortable enough to hold the viewer – see the actual meaning of “entertain” – so the viewer can be subject to 15-30 second-long propaganda films. Since it is the advertisers and THEIR agency which determines what goes into the TV time slots, they want nothing that will upset the viewer and a) distract him or worse yet b) get the viewer to abandon the machine. Religion is one of those things that will upset viewers. Besides, what does a TV show writer know of god as a concept? If it is a TV science fiction writer then they are allowed to bring god stuff into the future, disguised… but we’re talking about people who, as a whole, think of spirituality as a weekend romp at Esalen…
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