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A Teaser…

June 29, 2020

Soon I Shall Tell You

Speaking of Politicians…

We know what American politicians love best – WAR. These maniacs see everything as a YOU AGAINST ME proposition. War on Poverty… War on Drugs… War on a Virus… Mostly war against some nation with a GDP far less than the monetary value of the bombs dropped on them, blowing them up so we can have a sense of “victory”. Politicians know that using WAR is a war to quash dissent. People question the loyalty, patriotism, even the SANITY of anyone who asks WHY ARE WE DOING THIS?
What a deadly way to live! Here is a book I believe EVERYONE should read! It tells, bluntly, who we as a nation are AND WHY WE HAVE GONE TO WAR almost non-stop since we began as a nation!

War Is A Racket Announcement

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Click HERE To See This Book At AMAZON.COM!

FROM MOJO BROS. PUBLISHING: Two-Time Medal of Honor recipient Maj. Gen. Smedley D. Butler’s famous essay on the horrors and futility of war – now in a facsimile edition. Peeling away the patriotic veneer used to win support for war, Butler tells why we go to war, who is behind it and who profits.
This book contains a FACSIMILE of the 1935 original. And more!
In the 1930s, a cabal of Wall Street businessmen, alarmed by what President Franklin D. Roosevelt was doing to spur the economy, planned to remove FDR. The plan – known as The Business Plot – called for rallying disaffected WW1 Veterans under a military leader who could unite them. That man, these plotters thought, was the retired Maj. Gen. Butler. They tried to win Butler to their cause with a promise of making him the a national dictator. They could not have been more mistaken! This book has a section showing Butler’s role in revealing this treasonous plot.
In an ALL-NEW forward, we tell the story of those times and – for the first time ever! – present recently declassified documents from Smedley Butler’s FBI file!


April 5, 2020

Social Media has taught me one important thing:
when the threat of death faces people on a daily basis…

Taking DMT has changed people more than this feeble outbreak (and no, it’s not an epidemic here).

Nothing changes.

The TDS still think Trump is the font of all evil.

Withers still howl: “SHE WON BY 3,000,000 VOTES!”

Berners still believe a fraud who sold them out 4 years ago won’t do it again.

At 7pm each day, people who fancy themselves THE RESISTANCE loudly cheer their government enforced confinement.

People still think those who disagree with them are stupid.

People still call for UNITY while attacking positions they oppose.

Congressman Schiff wants to impeach Trump again.

The Newly Woke still think shouting “SOCIALISM” and “GREEN” will improve things.

FOX viewers and Rachel Maddow fans still feel superior to each other.

The Home of the Brave still quivers in endless fear.

The Land of the Free still demands a LEADER.

As always, BLAME is immediately assigned – based on one’s prejudices.

Jesus-Christers still exploit anything that comes down the pike to end abortion.

Vegans still denounce omnivores.

Politicians still exploit any crisis for personal gain, regardless of the damage they cause.

The “RISK TAKERS” of Wall Street still demand and get “bail-outs.”

Celebrities still think they’re important.

Interest Groups still compete for top victimhood status. 

The Middle East Maniacs still riantly revel in their traditional hatreds, killing as they have for over 70 years.

Obsolete Belief Systems withstand all pestilence like Neolithic monuments, outliving the events that birthed them.

American Mass shootings go on and on and on.  

People still say “I’ll start that diet Monday.”

Al Franken, without a trace of irony, GROPES for a comeback.

Newt Gingrich and Kathy Griffin and Hillary Clinton all continue to labor under the delusion that their slurred babbling has even a modicum of relevance.

Madonna still cannot see that she has all the youthful sex appeal of a platter of refried beans.

Every unverified claim by any Gyno-American is still absolutely true if you hate the accused.

That NY Times’ has-been Maureen Dowd still slathers on make-up like she’s Emmett Kelly.

Joe Biden has yet to learn that he’s in the 21st Century.

Jeff Bezos still wants MORE.

Sen. Schumer still lectures us in the sanctimonious tones of a rabbi who was defrocked for embezzling.

The Obamas still wag their finger at, and scold, a minimum of nine people a day.

History shows us humanity never changes.
This pandemic – one of thousands people have endured – verifies it.
We’re who we always were. And always will be.
And, of course, I’m still the smartest person in the room.
As is everyone else…


Up Date

Speaking of things that NEVER CHANGE

Here’s THE LATEST TOTAL BULLSHIT about the pandemic from The NY Times. From the April 5, 2020 edition:

How they describe this article about a “celebrity” famous for HAVING ONCE BEEN FAMOUS:
“This obituary is part of a series about people who have died in the coronavirus pandemic.”

NOTE: “IN the coronavirus pandemic”… NOT: BECAUSE of the pandemic. That, of course, includes EVERYONE who dies now. It’s like the rooster who believes he made the sun rise.

“Her daughter, Lucinda Zilkha Francis, said she had been suffering from several autoimmune disorders, including relapsing polychondritis, for approximately two decades. On Friday, her family learned she had tested positive for the coronavirus.”
“Her medical conditions were often debilitating: ‘It’s hard to plan a new album when you don’t know if you will make it down to the end of the street from one day to the next,’ she told Time Out New York. But in recent years, she had recovered enough to begin traveling.” (THE 19th PARAGRAPH!)



This unfortunate person was THE WALKING DEAD.
A head-cold would’ve sent her to the ER.
And NOWHERE do we see that Coronavirus MADE HER ILL.
NO mention in the article WHATSOEVER of COVID-19, the disease.
Just the now-ubiquitous unquestioned claims from FAMILY MEMBERS.
Conflating NOVEL CORONAVIRUS with COVID-19 is how these bastards DELIBERATELY INCITE TERROR… for financial gain.
That is what makes this DIABOLICAL.
The Times is not alone in this deception.
I have even heard “news” people breathlessly refer to CORONA-19

If you allow yourself to fall for this LETHAL BULLSHIT then you have been WELL-TRAINED and yes, you are COMMITTING SUICIDE.

If doctors give people a placebo cornstarch pill and tell them it has specific “side effects” including hives and a fever, many who take the



This is how the mind/body works.
And now we’re FLOODING people full-time with
of this new disease.

BRILLIANT fucking move…



July 23, 2011

This past week, the following Americans died for nothing. Only sick, warped people defend these deaths. They are gone, NEVER to return…

ELLIOTT, Daniel L., 21, Specialist, Army; Youngsville, N.C.; 290th Military Police Brigade, 200th Military Police Command.
COFIELD, Mark A., 25, Sgt., Army; Colorado Springs; Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion, XVIII Airborne Corps.

ARRUDA Raphael R., 21, Cpl., Army; Ogden, Utah; 416th Theater Engineer Command.
CAMERO, Christopher L., 19, Lance Cpl., Marines; Kailua Kona, Hawaii; First Marine Division.
CHRISTEN, James M., 29, Staff Sgt., Army; Loomis, Calif.; 25th Infantry Division.
ELWELL, Kenneth B., 33, Master Sgt., Army; Holland, Pa.; 25th Infantry Division.
JONES, Omar A., 28, Sgt., Army; Crook, Colo.; 126th Chemical Battalion, 92nd Troop Command, Nebraska Army National Guard.
KOEHLER, Edward W., 47, Sgt., Army; Lebanon, Pa.; 131st Transportation Company, 213th Area Support Group.
MOLINA, Jacob, 27, Sgt., Army; Houston; 25th Infantry Division.
MOWERY, Brian K., 49, Sgt., Army; Halifax, Pa.; 131st Transportation Company, 213th Area Support Group.
SPRINGMAN, Tyler M., 19, Pfc., Army; Hartland, Me.; 25th Infantry Division.
THOMPSON, Jabari N., 22, Lance Cpl., Marines; Brooklyn; Second Marine Division.
VANGIESEN Kenneth R., 30, Staff Sgt., Army; Erie, Pa.; 131st Transportation Company, 213th Area Support Group.

What Marvelous Diversity You Have, Grandma

May 9, 2011

Watching the Bin Laden raid in the Situation Room.
We now know that the live video feed was shut off for 26 minutes – most likely to cover up any illegalities. Like they say to us, if you have nothing to hide why should surveillance cameras bother you? BUT look at this picture. Look at the people. What happened to DIVERSITY????? This looks like a car salesman convention with a wife, daughter and one token person of color in attendance.

They Made Me A Criminal!

September 12, 2009

There’s going to be FINES for not buying medical insurance!

Click the above heading to read all about it…

Click Here For My Website! And LOTS OF FREE STUFF! NO FINES!!

Click Here For My Website! And LOTS OF FREE STUFF! NO FINES!!

Oh swell. Now if you cannot get medical insurance – you’re a goddamn criminal!
Folks, The Great Obama has pulled a bait and switch. This is NOT – REPEAT NOT – about insurance, it is about medical care. Medical care. Not insurance. Do not let them get away with this disgusting con. Did you seriously vote for Obama and the Dems so that they could make it MANDATORY that you enrich the insurance companies? Or did you vote for them to have UNIVERSAL MEDICAL CARE? I think you know the answer. And folks, you were conned by an amateur. You got screwed with your pants on. Why did you even think this nobody who came out of nowhere would take care of the medical mess? Which sound is louder… the champagne (vintage!) corks popping at the insurance companies or their snickering laughter. To all of you who voted for Obama and returned Pelosi/Reid et al to office… Thanks for making me a criminal. Will you be apologizing to the true progressives any time soon?

They Are Dead. And YOU Killed Them…

September 5, 2009

These People Are Dead

We Killed These People. PEOPLE... Not "Civilians"... PEOPLE

We Killed These People. PEOPLE... Not "Civilians"... PEOPLE

All this is done in your name, folks. In your name by a president who opposed the Bush policies.
These are not “civilians” these are PEOPLE. Just like you and me. People with friends, family, hopes, dreams, even fears. We killed them. We murdered them and all the generations that may have proceeded from them. These people were HUMAN BEINGS. Just like you and me. The NATO forces did not cause “collateral damage,” the killed people. PEOPLE. Just like us. People who enjoyed music and food and sex and jokes. They are dead. WE KILLED PEOPLE.
They are gone. Others grieve. The way you did when you lost a mother, father, sister, brother, friend, cousin, uncle, aunt, neighbor, acquaintance. DEAD.


May 31, 2009

Temporarily out of action with this horrific flu making the rounds.  Good time to check on my past brilliant words of wisdom (Hmm, the flu went to my head. It appears to be rather, shall we say, swollen). To this end I have listed this non-post post under all my headings. So take a look at all of it and let me knwo what you have to say…

back by week’s end…

Change We Can Believe In

May 14, 2009

Yet another TOP-TIER Obama campaign promise bites the dust – click here to read all about it
Change you can believe in? Yeah, like you believe in the Tooth Fairy…
Like you believe in the Easter Bunny…
Like Bernie Madoff’s clients believed in his financial skill…
Like Rudy Giuliani believes he can be somebody
Like Donald Trump believes he is somebody…
Like Richard Nixon believed he could get away with it…
Like Madonna believes she’s young and hot…
Like George W. Bush believes he achieved anything on his own…
Like Lou Dobbs believes he doesn’t benefit from illegal workers…
Like that new guy believes he’s 007…
Like Galileo believed the Church loved him…
Like Russell Crowe believes in diplomacy…
Like Newt Gingrich believes in the sanctity of marriage…
Like Richard Cheney believes in the constitution…
Like Hannibal Lechter believes in macrobiotics…
Like Lloyd Kaufman believes in art…
Like the Von Trapp Family believed in birth control…
Like Rush Limbaugh believes he’s svelt…
Like Billy Crystal believes he’s youthful and hip…
Like Michelle Obama believes she was elected to something…
Like River City believed in Harold Hill…
Like the People’s Temple believed in Jim Jones…
Like the Davidians believed in David Koresh…    

Like millions of you suckers believed in Obama…

The only question left is, why do this man’s reversals on campaign pledges still make the news? This is hardly a case of the fire hydrant pissing on the dog.

Guess who’s the hydrant and who’s the dog here… To those of you who believed that this man – handpicked for his current role years ago – would change anything other than the White House garden, thanks ever so much for your astounding critical thinking skills… Do the world a favor; just go back to watching Oprah and American Idol and let the adults make the decisions from now on, okay?

ADDENDUM: The Very Next Day Brings This: “Obama Planning to Keep Tribunals for Detainees”
Hook, line & sinker, folks… Hook, line & sinker…
Is there nothing new under the sun?™