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A Teaser…

June 29, 2020

Soon I Shall Tell You

Speaking of Politicians…

We know what American politicians love best – WAR. These maniacs see everything as a YOU AGAINST ME proposition. War on Poverty… War on Drugs… War on a Virus… Mostly war against some nation with a GDP far less than the monetary value of the bombs dropped on them, blowing them up so we can have a sense of “victory”. Politicians know that using WAR is a war to quash dissent. People question the loyalty, patriotism, even the SANITY of anyone who asks WHY ARE WE DOING THIS?
What a deadly way to live! Here is a book I believe EVERYONE should read! It tells, bluntly, who we as a nation are AND WHY WE HAVE GONE TO WAR almost non-stop since we began as a nation!

War Is A Racket Announcement

Click Image To Enlarge

Click HERE To See This Book At AMAZON.COM!

FROM MOJO BROS. PUBLISHING: Two-Time Medal of Honor recipient Maj. Gen. Smedley D. Butler’s famous essay on the horrors and futility of war – now in a facsimile edition. Peeling away the patriotic veneer used to win support for war, Butler tells why we go to war, who is behind it and who profits.
This book contains a FACSIMILE of the 1935 original. And more!
In the 1930s, a cabal of Wall Street businessmen, alarmed by what President Franklin D. Roosevelt was doing to spur the economy, planned to remove FDR. The plan – known as The Business Plot – called for rallying disaffected WW1 Veterans under a military leader who could unite them. That man, these plotters thought, was the retired Maj. Gen. Butler. They tried to win Butler to their cause with a promise of making him the a national dictator. They could not have been more mistaken! This book has a section showing Butler’s role in revealing this treasonous plot.
In an ALL-NEW forward, we tell the story of those times and – for the first time ever! – present recently declassified documents from Smedley Butler’s FBI file!


April 5, 2020

Social Media has taught me one important thing:
when the threat of death faces people on a daily basis…

Taking DMT has changed people more than this feeble outbreak (and no, it’s not an epidemic here).

Nothing changes.

The TDS still think Trump is the font of all evil.

Withers still howl: “SHE WON BY 3,000,000 VOTES!”

Berners still believe a fraud who sold them out 4 years ago won’t do it again.

At 7pm each day, people who fancy themselves THE RESISTANCE loudly cheer their government enforced confinement.

People still think those who disagree with them are stupid.

People still call for UNITY while attacking positions they oppose.

Congressman Schiff wants to impeach Trump again.

The Newly Woke still think shouting “SOCIALISM” and “GREEN” will improve things.

FOX viewers and Rachel Maddow fans still feel superior to each other.

The Home of the Brave still quivers in endless fear.

The Land of the Free still demands a LEADER.

As always, BLAME is immediately assigned – based on one’s prejudices.

Jesus-Christers still exploit anything that comes down the pike to end abortion.

Vegans still denounce omnivores.

Politicians still exploit any crisis for personal gain, regardless of the damage they cause.

The “RISK TAKERS” of Wall Street still demand and get “bail-outs.”

Celebrities still think they’re important.

Interest Groups still compete for top victimhood status. 

The Middle East Maniacs still riantly revel in their traditional hatreds, killing as they have for over 70 years.

Obsolete Belief Systems withstand all pestilence like Neolithic monuments, outliving the events that birthed them.

American Mass shootings go on and on and on.  

People still say “I’ll start that diet Monday.”

Al Franken, without a trace of irony, GROPES for a comeback.

Newt Gingrich and Kathy Griffin and Hillary Clinton all continue to labor under the delusion that their slurred babbling has even a modicum of relevance.

Madonna still cannot see that she has all the youthful sex appeal of a platter of refried beans.

Every unverified claim by any Gyno-American is still absolutely true if you hate the accused.

That NY Times’ has-been Maureen Dowd still slathers on make-up like she’s Emmett Kelly.

Joe Biden has yet to learn that he’s in the 21st Century.

Jeff Bezos still wants MORE.

Sen. Schumer still lectures us in the sanctimonious tones of a rabbi who was defrocked for embezzling.

The Obamas still wag their finger at, and scold, a minimum of nine people a day.

History shows us humanity never changes.
This pandemic – one of thousands people have endured – verifies it.
We’re who we always were. And always will be.
And, of course, I’m still the smartest person in the room.
As is everyone else…


Up Date

Speaking of things that NEVER CHANGE

Here’s THE LATEST TOTAL BULLSHIT about the pandemic from The NY Times. From the April 5, 2020 edition:

How they describe this article about a “celebrity” famous for HAVING ONCE BEEN FAMOUS:
“This obituary is part of a series about people who have died in the coronavirus pandemic.”

NOTE: “IN the coronavirus pandemic”… NOT: BECAUSE of the pandemic. That, of course, includes EVERYONE who dies now. It’s like the rooster who believes he made the sun rise.

“Her daughter, Lucinda Zilkha Francis, said she had been suffering from several autoimmune disorders, including relapsing polychondritis, for approximately two decades. On Friday, her family learned she had tested positive for the coronavirus.”
“Her medical conditions were often debilitating: ‘It’s hard to plan a new album when you don’t know if you will make it down to the end of the street from one day to the next,’ she told Time Out New York. But in recent years, she had recovered enough to begin traveling.” (THE 19th PARAGRAPH!)



This unfortunate person was THE WALKING DEAD.
A head-cold would’ve sent her to the ER.
And NOWHERE do we see that Coronavirus MADE HER ILL.
NO mention in the article WHATSOEVER of COVID-19, the disease.
Just the now-ubiquitous unquestioned claims from FAMILY MEMBERS.
Conflating NOVEL CORONAVIRUS with COVID-19 is how these bastards DELIBERATELY INCITE TERROR… for financial gain.
That is what makes this DIABOLICAL.
The Times is not alone in this deception.
I have even heard “news” people breathlessly refer to CORONA-19

If you allow yourself to fall for this LETHAL BULLSHIT then you have been WELL-TRAINED and yes, you are COMMITTING SUICIDE.

If doctors give people a placebo cornstarch pill and tell them it has specific “side effects” including hives and a fever, many who take the



This is how the mind/body works.
And now we’re FLOODING people full-time with
of this new disease.

BRILLIANT fucking move…


The Babies Are At It Again…

February 19, 2020

Oh, god the knee-jerk Neo-Liberal infants have begun pouting again.

And it will have disastrous results.


COMPLETELY ignoring the fact that their last harebrained foray into impeachment took a reviled, accidental President and elevated him to a whopping 49% popularity – they now want to impeach the Attorney General.

This is what we get from raising two generations with the idea that all of life’s annoyances can be BANNED, as with the “unfair” and “traumatic” childhood games of MUSICAL CHAIRS and DODGE BALL.

Ostensibly “grown-ups” now, they still whine like toddlers about anything that irks them and then demand that Mommy (meaning Nancy Pelosi) must make the boo-boo go away. This infantile outlook accounts for the actions of neo-liberals who demand that someone act as “the adult in the room.” What kind of an adult even thinks like that? This childish need for an adult to come to the rescue must certainly account for the current crop of democrat contenders resembling an AARP convention.

These are the “adult children” I warned readers about several years ago: those suffering from the stunted personality condition called NEOTENY and the mental developmental disability called LOW FRUSTRATION TOLERANCE; the inability to tolerate unpleasant feelings or stressful situations – which leads to anger, rage, and deadly violence. 

Very young children exhibit LOW FRUSTRATION TOLERANCE. Psychologists consider this normal… IN CHILDREN. Children will cry and even fly into a rage if their needs are not instantly met or if they suffer a disappointment such as a toy breaking. With LFT one does not take circumstances – or the feelings of other people – into account. All that matters is “I want what I want.” As a child matures, that child learns to delay gratification and to see that we do not always get what we want when we want it – and as a result, the child learns coping skills. Empathy for others emerges. Small misfortunes in life do not get perceived as earth-shattering calamities. 

Unfortunately, a great many people never go through this vital developmental process. When people carry LFT into adulthood, anything can set them off – and the healthy adult will never see it coming because we simply don’t expect adults to act like goddamn two-year olds. You know the type. We’ve all seen them crying over a freaking election result:

And we hear about them in the news… frequently:

Over the years, I have known three woman murdered by men who could not stand the disappointment of their relationship ending. This kind of murder is, of course, common in modern America. That’s what widespread developmental retardation gives us.


Sure is looking more and more like Dr. Spock’s Baby-Boomer Bible concept of “feeding infants on demand” wasn’t such a hot idea after all…

FWIW: Just to highlight the insanity of this latest “liberal” pipe-dream, in all of American history the House of Representatives has impeached only one Cabinet Member. On March 2, 1876, the House impeached William W. Belknap, a former Secretary of War, on charges of criminal disregard for his office and accepting payments in exchange for making official appointments. They impeached Belknap after he had resigned. The Senate acquitted Belknap because they could not whip up the required two-thirds majority to convict. But of course history means nothing to the infantile who want what they want when they want it.

Baby Face Finster

Up Date

MARCH 5, 2020: Elizabeth Warren Throws In The Towel… and the babies are crying again. As long as ostensibly grown people cry over election results the nation is in deep, deep trouble.Warren Crying

Can't Make It Up Banner copyFURY!!! GRIEF!!! Because some half-assed old MILLIONAIRE didn’t appeal to the voters? Seriously? What is it with these Twinkies that they hate THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE? Hey, toots, lots of MEN fell by the wayside too. Do you see MEN in a state of grief? How “powerful” is the “female psyche” if it falls to pieces over a person LOSING A DAMN ELECTION? And what the hell will this oh-so-delicate Smarsh dame do should something REALLY bad happen in her privileged little life?

Fury Grief


Can we have, oh, A SENSE OF BLOODY PROPORTION HERE? An elderly unemployed, Chardonnay-swilling, millionaire who got where she is by marriage to a sleaze, she doesn’t get the job of her choice… and YOU’RE devastated? What kind of life of ease and privilege has this dainty old woman lived that she is so easily DEVASTATED? Did the election make her swoon? Give her The Vapors? And to top it off, she doesn’t even know how presidential elections work. Imagine being so vested in an election yet being totally ignorant concerning the Constitutional process… “Will someone kindly see that Uncle Gus, our Old Family Retainer, brings me my smelling salts and a snifter of Laudanum?”


FIGHT STRESS BANNERFor well over a year we as a nation have been subjected to FEAR MONGERING on an unimaginable scale – We call it… ELECTION SEASON. It seems like it’s gone on forever and… we’ve got NINE MORE MONTHS OF THIS MISHIGAS TO GO!
From now till the election, TV News will make a fortune drilling fear and dread into the population as the public gets treated to hundreds upon hundreds of FEAR-INSPIRING ads promoting each one of the desperate millionaires and billionaires who have an unquenchable drive for POWER. The Geneva Conventions OUTLAW such brainwashing of prisoners of war. But you and I are prisoners of GIGANTIC MEDIA CORPORATIONS which thrive on a frightened public. This onslaught has barely begun in earnest! The media blitz that’s coming is enough to frazzle the nerves of a saint.  But HERE’S HELP and I urge you to consider it:
I have discovered and restored a Classic 1995 GUIDED MEDITATION RECORD – restored without losing the good old vinyl “flavor”! I use this meditation and it sends me off to sleep – even after the most trying of days.





Vintage Sex Humor

March 19, 2019

Recently, while looking at a string of YOU BET YOUR LIFE shows, I stumbled upon this product:

grouchobox Transparent small

During the course of a show, Groucho took a few minutes to offer what we now call “a shameless plug.” Naturally he did it in a very funny way. I have no idea if the product scored a hit in its day. Back in 1954, these napkins sold for $1, which comes to $9.40 now – still not an extravagant price for some laughs. They go for about $25 when offered today on sites such as Ebay.

Take a look at a contemporary ad aimed at retailers. Note the oh-so-subtle influence of the then-current panic Americans felt concerning Russia. Good thing those paranoiac days are gone forever…

Naturally, such scintillating advertising aroused my interest. So faster than a Millennial can cry “Trigger Warning,” I decided to hit the interwebs and scour out out as many of these “Funny As Thermonuclear War,” “Sure-Fire Sales Dynamite” napkins as I could locate. While I fell short of locating them all, here are a few:

Stewardesses small

By A Nose small

Groucho Balloon small

Nuclear Kiss small

Looking over these vintage funnies, all I can say is: thank the gods that we here in the 21st Century have grown so enlightened and so woke that sex is no longer a laughing matter! What on earth WERE we thinking back when sex was considered… enjoyable?

More BevNaps Banner


Click To Enlarge


Super Savings

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UPDATE: I wonder how people today would react to THIS once-popular book from 1960…

Featured Among the ribald doggerel:

I met a girl the other night
What a time
What fun
No sorrow.
I’ll not forget the other night
The case comes up tomorrow.

And this charming toast:

Here’s to the breezes
Which blow through the treeses
That lift little girls’ skirts
Above their kneeses
Little boy seeses
Does as he pleases
Gets social diseases
How ’bout that

Ah, what sophisticated charming humor!

And it even appealed to the illiterate!

Comedian Jackie Kannon – he of New York City’s RAT FINK CLUB – saw his career take off with his ribald compilations of old but risqué wheezes. In fact, “blue” doggerel and jokes became something of a cottage industry for Kannon:

For The John copyWell, it’s a living…
As an actor/comic Kannon appeared on one of the most revered comedy albums of its day – one that is still in print on CD: You Don’t Have To Be Jewish.
On this hilarious slice of ethnic humor Kannon, the son of a Rabbi, holds his own with some of the top comedic talent of the 1960s.

You Don't Have To Be Jewish

That’s Jackie Kannon up front in the Napoleon get-up – looking for all the world like Lenny Bruce auditioning for the lead in Désirée.
Alas, Kannon died in 1974 at the age of 52. His career merited a meaty obituary in the New York Times (which listed his age at death as 48), with a photo yet!

Kannon Obit copy

From the Times obit: Mr. Kannon was once described by John S. Wilson, a music critic of The New York Times, as “a slender, wiry man with the cocky bearing of a James Cagney, a vast store of quips that fall close to both sides of the borderline of propriety and enough of a singing voice to intersperse his comments with song.” Mr. Wilson noted “the startling conjunction when ‘Give My Regards to Broadway’ is sung to the tune of ‘Mack the Knife.’”

Clearly a man of many parts… Yet Jackie Kannon’s magnum opus remains Poems for The John which still sells briskly at Ebay. Songs for the John rarely turns up – making this LP a collectors’ item.
While Kannon was far from the only comedian whose career went into the toilet, he’s probably the only one who profited from it…

Songs for the John

GREEN is the Color of MONEY

February 26, 2019

I write this for all the people frightened of… CLIMATE CHANGE.

When Global Warming scares you, I mean REALLY scares you… congratulations! You have been well-primed and now… you are ready for the plucking.

People in FEAR have turned themselves into an easy mark for those people selling us a stockpile of useless products and reams of bad legislation – all because they will promote these things as “GREEN” and “good for the environment.

Leading this charge to manipulate us, we find one Michael Rubens Bloomberg – an elderly single man who portrays himself as an “environmentalist” while maintaining SIX homes on TWO continents and listing his hobby as… HELICOPTER FLYING. He also zips around the globe in a private jet just to get away for the weekend. Does this sound to you like a person who has any concerns whatsoever about his carbon footprint? Does he sound like a person who really gives a shit about the environment? Should this man be lecturing us? Hell, Bloomberg cannot even pronounce the word “environment,” saying instead: “en-vie-er-min.” Yet Bloomberg will spend hundreds of millions of dollars to tell YOU how to live and who YOU must vote for in order to “save the planet.”

“Environmentalist” Bloomberg Dumping Pollution Into The Air and Wasting Fuel To Enjoy His HOBBY

Don’t fall for this bullshit.

Don’t act like a sap; a tool of these rich people.

Allow me to drop some reality on you:

Anything we do to fight off climate change will only make things worse.

We caused climate change. We cannot “fight” it. Everything wrong with the planet today began as somebody’s brilliant idea to improve the world.
It never works out. Ever.

We have almost 8 billion people on the planet, nearly all of whom live in opposition to nature. THAT caused climate change. In order to live in the style which most of us call “comfort,” a style that ignores the natural cycles of the planet, we have spewed untold tons of pollutants into the air and the water. This will never get fixed by those same 8 billion people who caused it. Basic Rule: Everything we do to improve things ALWAYS makes things worse. History shows this with crystal clarity. Yet of all sublunary creatures, only we Human Beings insist on “improving” the planet. As if the planet needed our help! If that doesn’t define delusional and egotistical, what does? And that very delusion created all the problems we now face. How can the minds that did this to us and to the planet seriously expect to correct it?

Let’s face it: With the current situation, we see nothing less than planet getting rid of a major threat. By threat, I mean we meddlesome, intrusive HUMAN BEINGS.

Humans can do absolutely nothing to repair the imbalance we caused in the biosphere… unless we get into harmony with the planet. Good luck with that! It gets dark at night? You live in the dark till morning. You want to travel 2,000 miles? Prepare yourself for a monumental trek. Get hot in the summer and cold in the winter. No more pernicious, destructive tommyrot about “conquering nature” or “taming the wilderness.”

But we know this will never happen. Modern humans will not drop everything and live in harmony with the environment like the Kalahari Bushmen or the few remaining unsullied tribal communities in the Brazilian Jungle. Yet nothing short of that will work. Not buying a hybrid car… not building a massive transcontinental railroad network (making the required steel will alone result in horrendous environmental damage)… definitely not putting more nuclear power plants on line… none of that will help.

The FEAR now implanted in people comes from nothing more than marketing hype.

Yes, this FEAR comes from marketing, deliberately, callously, and cold-heartedly devised to scare us into buying useless things at best, toxic things at worst.

You want to do some good? Ignore the hype and concentrate on local projects and goals that you can make workable. You have a factory where you live that spews poisons into the air and/or water? Go after them. You see black smoke pouring out of an apartment building’s chimney? Go after them. Do the small things like that, things at which you can succeed, and you will make real change. Do the possible. Don’t dissipate your energies on some chimera about “saving the planet.” Saving the planet? I cannot think of a more perfect example of grandiose thinking, which psychiatrists list as a prime symptom of narcissistic personality disorder.

Let go of the FEAR.

This FEAR provides nothing more than a gigantic distraction. Because of the fear, people worry needlessly about the unattainable and ignore the practical. All while getting beaten up by rich people with something to sell us.

I for one will not be lectured on the need to conserve water by some rich schmuck with four swimming pools.

I will not be scolded over the need to cut back on fossil fuel use by an etiolated, schoolmarmish billionaire who takes a helicopter to go just 30 miles from Manhattan to Westchester.

I will not be harangued about the evils of take-out Styrofoam containers by some mollycoddled trust-fund baby who dines on Maine lobster flown to her mansion that morning on a private jet.

Spending your hard-earned money on GREEN shower-heads and GREEN light-bulbs and GREEN automobiles and “LOW CARBON” shampoo and “ECO-FRIENDLY” remote controls for your energy-eating electronic gadgets (Yes, there is such a thing) won’t put the slightest dent in the situation. But that’s the name of the game. Get us all in FEAR over the environment and then slap GREEN or LOW CARBON on useless things to buy. So many people fall for this bushwa that news reports call GREEN products and GREEN MARKETING a “growth industry.”

Flashback To An Earlier Marketing Craze

Buying these products does nothing more than provide a simulacrum of alleviating the problem. It adds up to nothing more than feel-good poppycock; puffery designed purely to separate us from our money while providing the illusion of taking beneficial action. Marketers spend billions getting us to think that buying those baubles and gimcracks from them allows us to do a good thing. This is a shuck, achieved with flimflam and deception. A con game. In short, it is pure Madison Avenue. Remember back in the 1980s when the advertisers relentlessly hawked OAT BRAN – exploiting the FEAR of fatal heart attacks? Everything had OAT BRAN in it – until the craze was proven baseless. Oat bran… same as today’s GREEN-this and GREEN-that. Only now instead of your heart, they throw the whole damn planet at you. Marketers can always find something to pull of their hats to scare us into spending money… Exploiting FEAR is their sole job. Let go of this fear and you kick the pins out from under their scam. Until the next Oat Bran comes along.

Don’t. Be. A. Chump.




Yes, we all agree that Sexual Harassment of women is a very real thing that must be stemmed. But now Sexual Harassment has become a euphemism for rape. And we get such idiocy as this comment from NYC Mayor Bill deBlasio: Let me be clear, every single person who has the courage to come forward with a sexuaharassment complaint deserves to be believed.” No investigation? No trial? No questioning of the complaining witness? Allegations are now taken as fact simply because the alleger has… a vagina? That is the sign of a Witch Hunt, men, and now we see open season on The Pernicious Pale Penis People. Everything bad… is YOUR fault.
Sooner or later, some poor schnook is going to be attacked for… carrying a concealed penis in his pants. You know that’s coming.  So men: why be at risk of getting charged with carrying a concealed penis? To forestall such lunacy, here’s the OFFICIAL CONCEALED CARRY PENIS PERMIT! The permit will fit in your wallet, so don’t EXPOSE YOURSELF to trouble! Never leave home without it… the card, that is.



Click Image To See This Book At AMAZON.COM

The classic 1919 book now reissued with new introductions by Rev. E.M. Camarena, PhD. There is no reason to live your life in fear! Wake up to the way orthodox religion & Other “Powers That Be” control the population THROUGH FEAR! An invaluable treatise, this book is a must-read for anyone who wants to lead a free, independent life. A life WITHOUT FEAR! While some people will no doubt be offended and shocked by this book’s stance against organized religion seeking to control our lives, while those who use fear themselves will attempt to squelch this book, by misrepresenting the contents and belittling it, this book bravely exposes the way the manipulators of fear seek to hold onto power by any means necessary. Beware of those who would mislead you about this! Fear is all they have and they will use fear to stop YOU from reading this liberating book. The new introduction puts the book in its historical context and shows why it is still relevant today.


January 1, 2019

Yes, I am already ordaining Products of the Year. And no, I have not been paid for this.

The Pernicious Pale Penis People

First of two items selected, is a nifty little thing now necessary for all men in this current age of Neo-Puritanism where the least little double entendre tossed off at a party by a man can lead to life-threatening consequences and INSTANT labeling as a SEXIST RAPING monster. Thanks to the new crop of Mrs. Grundy blue-noses and politicians who take the pandering position that ALL ALLEGATIONS ARE FACT, we are headed back to that 1970s perverted form of faux-feminism that labels all heterosexual activity as rape – and worse yet, the age-old Madonna/Whore complex. Anything a man does can fall under this insane rubric developed by NY Times film critic Manohla Dargis: RAPEY. Yes, the John Wayne character kissing the Maureen O’Hara character in The Quiet Man strikes this bizarre person as, well, look what she wrote: “It’s exquisite; some might call it rapey.” Employing the FOX “news” trick of claiming that “Some People Say” in order to hide a writer’s own opinion, Dargis attempts to distance herself from her own statement. It is that whacky.
This sexual insanity happens in America every couple of generations. It is nothing more than America’s perverted version of the fictional Vulcan time of 
PON FARR but in reverse.

Yes, we all agree that Sexual Harassment of women is a very real thing that must be fought. But now Sexual Harassment has become a euphemism for rape. And we get such idiocy as this comment from NYC Mayor Bill deBlasio: Let me be clear, every single person who has the courage to come forward with a sexual harassment complaint deserves to be believed.” No investigation? No trial? No questioning of the complaining witness? Allegations are now taken as fact simply because the alleger has… a snatch? That is the sign of a Witch Hunt, men, and now we see open season on The Pernicious Pale Penis People. Everything bad… is their fault.
Sooner or later, some poor schnook is going to be attacked for… carrying a concealed penis in his pants. You know that’s coming.  So men: why be at risk of getting charged with carrying a concealed penis? To forestall such lunacy, here’s the OFFICIAL CONCEALED CARRY PENIS PERMIT! The permit will fit in your wallet, so don’t EXPOSE YOURSELF to trouble! Never leave home without it… the card, that is.


No doubt about it, the Powers that Be, through their highly paid “news” readers, among others, want us all to live in a state of never ending fear – it is a control thing and it is not new. Only the means of disseminating the fear have changed.
Using fear – coupled with hollow patriotism – to manipulate people was satirized in the play and movie THE MUSIC MAN. Look at the way the con-man whips up fear among the ignorant people and then leaves them hanging. Later, he will propose a solution. One that will, of course, line his own pockets. Behold!

Interestingly enough The Music Man takes place in 1919 – a time in American history steeped in fear. It was the age of the Palmer Raids, about which our school children are never told. It was the time of excruciating fear of… RUSSIA. As the book says, “there is nothing new under the sun.”

Also from 1919 come this little book that exposed the methods used by The Powers That Be to keep us in a constant state of fear so we may be easily controlled and, to mix metaphors, milked like mullets.

Click this Image To Read About The Book

The classic 1919 book now reissued with new introductions by… guess who (Ok. By ME!).
There is no reason to live your life in fear! Wake up to the way orthodox religion and Other “Powers That Be” control the population THROUGH FEAR! An invaluable treatise, this book is a must-read for anyone who wants to lead a free, independent life. A life WITHOUT FEAR. The new introduction puts the book in its historical context and shows why it is still relevant today as it was ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO when first published. Because they are still doing it today. This is a direct quotation from a New Year’s Day 2019 email from that supposedly Maverick/Liberal/Socialist politician Bernard Sanders about the 2020: “Not to get you too nervous, but the future of our country and the world is dependent upon which side wins that struggle.” What the hell is TOO NERVOUS? This is a scare tactic, pure and simple. And it is a clear sign of grandiose thinking. THE WORLD DEPENDS ON THE ELECTION? Grandiose thinking is a prime symptom of Narcissistic Personality Disorder – a term bandied about all too often today but one that is exemplified by that inflammatory statement from Comrade Sanders.

We still need UNMASKING FEAR.

As one reader notes: “By resurrecting and presenting again this slim volume ‘Unmasking Fear’ Eliot Camarena, along with his perceptive preface, exposes and dissects fear, this most useful tool in a propagandist’s playbook. In this small book are big ideas that show a clear but narrow path to developing the necessary attitude and finding the necessary tools to rip the mask from the face of fear and place it where it belongs: Firmly. Under. Foot.”

Ok. I’ll keep going. Another reader notes: “Please, everybody! Grab up a copy of UNMASKING FEAR! and read it! Why? This book explains in crystal clarity HOW and WHY unconscionable individuals and organizations saturate others with FEAR every single day, which tactic is not new, it’s been going on as long as people have been thieves and hungry to steal the freedom and goods of others. This book was penned in 1919, and while the clothing styles have changed, the innards remain the same!”

To read more from these readers, click the book cover image above.

Do yourself a favor and read this book.

Accusations Do Not Equal Proof: Remembering Horace de Vere Cole

September 20, 2018



   Lately I’ve been reading the words of many people who somehow have come to believe that a mere accusation constitutes proof of guilt. Capping it all is the truly bizarre statement from Law Prof. Anita Hill about the accused party bearing what she slyly calls “the burden of persuasion” – a statement that goes against the very core of our justice system: INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. Ms. Hill teaches law and doesn’t know that in America the ACCUSER has the goddamn burden of proof – not the accused? Wow. How bloody ignorant.
And so, spurred on Ms. Hill’s utterly loony, and dangerous, belief I find myself remembering one of the all-time great object lessons in justice…

   Horace de Vere Cole has gone down in history as the British “Master Pranksman” of his day. He famously pulled off many stunts, including the notorious Bunga Bunga/Dreadnaught hoax of 1910. In that caper, Cole managed to get himself and a group of friends aboard a British war ship while all wore preposterous “disguises” and claimed the status of foreign diplomats. Take a look at a picture from that incident: We see the very proper looking Cole, 29 years old, on the right in the top-hat:

   See that small bearded “guy” on the left? There we see Cole’s friend Virginia Stephen who would later achieve literary prominence as one of the most important of the modernist 20th-century authors: Virginia Woolf.

   Though Cole pulled off many stunts in his heyday – like winning a bet that he could shut down all traffic on Piccadilly (one of the widest streets in London) for a half hour – to me, Cole will live forever because of the creative way in which he gave a lesson in reality to a “law and order” crackpot. It happened in London in 1911…

   Cole had an old friend, at the time a newly minted 30 year-old conservative member of Parliament, named Oliver Locker-Lampson. Much to Cole’s annoyance, this man repeatedly barraged him with the inane, and frankly stupid, idea that people charged with a crime did not need a trial because… the police only arrest guilty people! So why, Locker-Lampson, believed, waste money and time on something as unnecessary as a trial? The police, Locker-Lampson simplistically insisted, just do not arrest innocent people. To Locker-Lampson, in a bravura feat of circular logic, the arrest itself constituted all the proof of guilt anyone needed. This attitude deeply rubbed Cole the wrong way, and no matter how Cole argued the point, Locker-Lampson would have none of it.

   So Cole hatched a plan… a plan the makes me think of this splendid quotation from Dr. Seuss: “Then he got an idea! An awful idea! THE GRINCH GOT A WONDERFUL, AWFUL IDEA!” Across the gulf of time, I can almost see Cole smiling that lusciously wicked Grinch Grin…

   One afternoon, as Cole and Locker-Lampson completed a friendly luncheon date at a London restaurant, Cole “impulsively” challenged Locker-Lampson to a race on a London street; a short sprint outside the restaurant over to the next corner. To sweeten the deal, Cole agreed to give his friend a 10-yard head start. Locker-Lampson accepted the challenge and the two left the restaurant. Unknown to the MP, as the pair went outside, Cole slipped his gold pocket-watch into Locker-Lampson’s coat pocket.

   Once out on the street, the race began. Cole stood by in front of the restaurant as Locker-Lampson took his 10-yard head start, but rather than run at the appointed time, Cole began shouting at the top of his lungs: “Stop! Thief! That man stole my gold watch!”

   Before the flabbergasted MP knew what happened, a policeman grabbed him and placed him under arrest. Turning to Cole for aid provided Locker-Lampson scant comfort. Cole remained blissfully silent as his friend and he made the trip to the police station where the great champion of “law and order” vainly and loudly declared his innocence. Eventually, Cole ‘fesssed up and that settled the matter. In the minds of the police, they’d just endured yet another Horace de Vere Cole dido, such as London had so often experienced. And yet, this particular jaunt had meat on the bone. It imparted a strong lesson about rushing to judgment based on a simple allegation and one piece of possible “evidence”. One hopes that Cole’s friend learned that lesson.

  Today, sadly, many Americans – including the vaunted law Prof. Anita Hill and NYC Mayor de Blasio – have yet to learn this simple lesson in justice. And now we live in a nation clearly less James Madison and more Joe McCarthy; a world in which mere accusations – provided they fit one’s personal political prejudices – must be regarded as fact. If this travesty continues, America can look forward to a truly nasty ride over the next few years. History shows that in times such as this, a time of rampant fear, anger, and cowardice, things always get worse before they fade away. Until the next time. We always have a “next time” because of our national amnesia. The ghost of Joe McCarthy counts on it…

UPDATE: regarding the Kavanaugh claim, among the thousands of words I have read and heard, I note two words which nobody utters: “unsubstantiated allegation.” The crux of our system consists of what you can prove, not what you believe. Faith-Based justice went out with the Salem witch trials. Liking a person and agreeing with that person’s politics, or not, has absolutely nothing to do with justice. Thanks to Scott Ross for reminding me of this:

Hitchens Without Evidence

FURTHER UPDATE: December 10, 2018 – Big Bad EEEEEEVIL Justice Kavanaugh sides with Planned Parenthood. Article HERE
Kavanaugh Joins Liberals