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June 29, 2020

Soon I Shall Tell You

Speaking of Politicians…

We know what American politicians love best – WAR. These maniacs see everything as a YOU AGAINST ME proposition. War on Poverty… War on Drugs… War on a Virus… Mostly war against some nation with a GDP far less than the monetary value of the bombs dropped on them, blowing them up so we can have a sense of “victory”. Politicians know that using WAR is a war to quash dissent. People question the loyalty, patriotism, even the SANITY of anyone who asks WHY ARE WE DOING THIS?
What a deadly way to live! Here is a book I believe EVERYONE should read! It tells, bluntly, who we as a nation are AND WHY WE HAVE GONE TO WAR almost non-stop since we began as a nation!

War Is A Racket Announcement

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FROM MOJO BROS. PUBLISHING: Two-Time Medal of Honor recipient Maj. Gen. Smedley D. Butler’s famous essay on the horrors and futility of war – now in a facsimile edition. Peeling away the patriotic veneer used to win support for war, Butler tells why we go to war, who is behind it and who profits.
This book contains a FACSIMILE of the 1935 original. And more!
In the 1930s, a cabal of Wall Street businessmen, alarmed by what President Franklin D. Roosevelt was doing to spur the economy, planned to remove FDR. The plan – known as The Business Plot – called for rallying disaffected WW1 Veterans under a military leader who could unite them. That man, these plotters thought, was the retired Maj. Gen. Butler. They tried to win Butler to their cause with a promise of making him the a national dictator. They could not have been more mistaken! This book has a section showing Butler’s role in revealing this treasonous plot.
In an ALL-NEW forward, we tell the story of those times and – for the first time ever! – present recently declassified documents from Smedley Butler’s FBI file!

Laugh All You Will… Giuliani’s Right Again

August 20, 2018

    Remember the last time everyone laughed at Giuliani? It happened when he said that conflict of interest laws exempt the president. As it turned out, when the laughter and derision died down, that Giuliani stated the law correctly. The president, vice-president, members of congress, and federal judges do indeed enjoy exemption from these laws.

    And now, leaving the field of legalities, Giuliani has stirred the pot once again by making a statement that any freshman learns on the first day of Philosophy 101: there is no such thing as THE truth. That this seemingly controversial declaration comes as a shock to TV news media personalities does not surprise me. Over the years, I have spent a great deal of time with TV news media personalities and I assure you that these people will never get hounded by MENSA to join up (unless that elitist crowd needs publicity). Further, they have almost no awareness of the world outside of their studio and their insular community. In conversation, they display a glaring ignorance about the very events they purport to cover. On the whole, only one thing interests them: getting ahead in the TV news media personality business.

What Is Truth

    Did you ever play the party game of telephone? Then you know that the simple act of saying something and having people repeat it to others inevitably results in the message getting hopelessly garbled. Does that mean the people who change the message deliberately lied? And this happens at a party under stress-free conditions. Let us begin with the basics: Truth consists of that which people agree on as real. Any trial lawyer, such as Giuliani, can speak of the sheer unreliability of eyewitness testimony. As testimony goes, it always ranks as the least dependable evidence available.


     People who think they know “the truth” of any matter have closed minds. They comprise the fanatics of the world. Talk to somebody who… KNOWS and you will see what I mean. Such people confuse what they believe with truth.

     Four or five people can relate quite different accounts of the same incident without any of them lying. All can tell the truth as they see and understand. No two stories may match up. Yet the people do not lie, nor do they speak mistakenly. We all understand the world around us through the filter of our prior experience. We each determine truth based on what we know and bring to the event witnessed.

    “There is no such thing as the truth. The world does not exist independently of those who witness it. Because the world exists precisely between the world and its witnesses. Just as the sound of a drum is the relationship between a striking hand and the drum skin. If there is no skin on the drum it doesn’t make any sound.” Alan Watts, philosopher. Watts goes on to discuss the indisputable relationship between the seen and the one who does the seeing.

    I knew a person outraged by all the prostitutes parading brazenly in my neighborhood. He saw them everywhere. One evening, I took a walk with him. He grew more and more outraged with every block. And soon I saw clearly that he saw any young woman in a short skirt as a prostitute. This man knew the truth. No matter what the situation, he always knew. And he continued this way right up to the day of his suicide. He simply could not live in the world he saw. His truth killed him.

    Believing in the existence of an objective truth makes as little sense as believing that photographs show reality; that pictures don’t lie. Only a fool, a religious fanatic, or a lunatic will claim to have a perfect and completely objective memory combined with unerring skills of observation. People who know denounce all who remember things differently as liars. They know that only a liar will contradict THE truth. No other explanation can suffice for the absolutists who know THE one and only truth. Think… Capt. Queeg.

    Getting back to legalities and testimony, consider the courtroom oath. While the text will vary from state to state it includes, in almost all cases, a variation of an imposing question that asks if the witness will swear that “the testimony which you will give to the court, in the issue now trying, shall be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”

    When asked if you will deliver such testimony, the correct answer is, of course, NO. Such an oath sets an impossible standard. Nobody knows the whole truth. We only know what we experienced and even then we color it to fit our own concepts and feelings. To reply to such a question properly, we can only promise the court to answer questions honestly and relate events as we recall them.

    Try this: Go to a party and then, a year later, ask everyone who attended to tell you what happened at party. See what you learn about the party… Now imagine asking the same people about more important events under the stressful conditions of a trial or an official interrogation or deposition.

    Giuliani makes a completely valid and time-honored point – and to deny it says way more about the people who laugh at him than they may wish to reveal.




    Want to know more about the subjective nature of truth and reality? For instance, when a tree falls in the forest, and nobody is there to listen, does it make a sound? Amazingly, NO! It makes no sound at all. I delve into this seeming paradox, and much more, in: REV. ELIOT EXPLAINS IT ALL.

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