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Don’t Be A Mark

February 15, 2020

You think these people have changed since 2016?
The smirking fair-haired chap below is democrat stalwart RICHARD GEPHARDT – one of the founders of the Democratic Leadership Council, along with the odious Clintons and the world’s biggest hypocrite, that major pot-head Al Gore who helped wage the war on… pot smokers.

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THESE are the behind-the-scenes “Leaders” democrat voters support out of sheer ignorance, hatred, and baldfaced stupidity. And by “support,” I mean anyone in that party. If you participate in this nefarious group of neo-liberal money-grubbers YOU are part of the problem. Unless you honestly believe that electing democrats will make things better. In that case you may be well served by having a psychiatric team look into your symptoms…
(AND NOTE THAT IN 2016 WE WERE STILL TALKING ABOUT “SINGLE-PAYER”. Since that time these con-artists moved the whole conversation from Single-Payer to Medicare For All – which will leave the insurance companies in charge and still bankrupt millions of Americans annually, so they can apply for Medicaid just as the democrats start to dismantle the program. Thanks, saps! By demanding Medicare for All instead of SINGLE-PAYER, you helped Gephardt KEEP HIS VILE PROMISE TO THE INSURANCE EXECUTIVES.)

Cuomo Medicaid copy

THIS is the classic 1940 study of Con Artists – including politicians. Reading this book will show exactly how today’s millionaire democrats so easily shifted the conversation from SINGLE-PAYER healthcare to MEDICARE FOR ALL which is run by insurance companies. Medicare is USELESS without private insurance. And the Drug part is ALL run by insurance companies.
The hallmark of a con is that the marks REFUSE TO ADMIT THEY WERE CONNED.
And so today people justify their healthcare gullibility with such inanities as: “Bernie’s got a WRITTEN bill that’s CALLED Medicare but it is really SINGLE PAYER.”
The guy who sells the Brooklyn Bridge also flashes written documents… it’s an essential part of any con.
BTW, THE BIG CON is the book that writer David S. Ward plagiarized for THE STING. The case was settled in favor of the writer of The Big Con.

Up DateWell THAT didn’t take long… See below for an example of how a self-deluded mark suckered by “Senator BS” excuses his call for Americans to TURN IN people who work with the EEEEEVIL Russians. It’s no big deal because… IT COULD HAPPEN TO ANYBODY. Guess that whole McCarthy Era was just a minor glitch… Coulda happened to anyone…

Deluded Sanders Mark

Natal Charts For The Candidates! Plus a FREE ONE For You!

October 28, 2016

badge PLAIN

Holy cow! I knew that we had to keep the monks busy.
You know what they did now?
The monks at the academy broke open the mead and went to town.
They drew up natal charts for the four main presidential candidates!
Look at some of the results:
CLINTON: “You tend to be quiet, reserved, secretive…”
“At times, you have an annoying tendency to be self-righteous and preachy about your belief system. You… demand the right to be able to explore the entire world of experiences yourself. Remember to grant others the similar right — be tolerant, not dogmatic.”
TRUMP: “You love to be the center of attention and you want to appear strong, confident and dominant.”
And that’s just THE FIRST LINE!
They also did charts for Stein and Johnson.
Get all four charts for a nominal fee – the monks now need to replenish the mead.
It’s not much. AND you can get a FREE chart for yourself if you want one.

Contact us HERE and say you want the Candidate Charts, plus one for you – just send your name and email address. We will send the details.

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April 8, 2014

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L’amour Fou

March 14, 2013


Ah, the mad love! The fool… In Tarot we have a card representing the fool. The Fool is abandon, wildness, anything for love and madness! In an early draft of the great and justly famed THOTH TAROT by Aleister Crowley (no, he was not a satanist. You have to be a christer to be a satanist. Like Pat Robertson. He mentions satan more than he mentions his god…) I say, in the Thoth Tarot an early design by artist Lady Frieda Harris for the Fool card showed us the quintessential, dare I say archetypal, fool of modern time. Harpo Marx. It was an inspired choice but, alas, it did not make it into the final cut. The first time I had my cards read oh so many years ago it was with the Thoth Deck. It is fully described in what David LeMieux calls the strangest book ever written: THE BOOK OF THOTH

Hear me reading Tarot cards LIVE and FREE on the ASK1RADIO network Wednesdays at 11pm Eastern time. The show is Rev. Eliot’s Magickal Window. It is available through iTunes Radio, at the top of the NEWS/TALK list and ROKU and a whole bunch of ways. CLICK HERE for the archive of past shows and a live stream. Give a call!


October 26, 2012

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February 7, 2011

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Rev. E.M. Camarena, PhD

3rd Party? It Can’t Replace Integrity

October 9, 2010


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I keep hearing talk about a 3rd Party. People are “fed up” with what we now have. No… Not fed up enough yet. Too many people are just plain angry people and they take their parental issues out on the government. Legislation is never the way no matter who is in “power”. The whole things starts with the family. It always did. Look at Germany, Hitler and the nature of the German family at the time. Now we have no family structure here. And religion has been boiled down to obedience to some angry old fart in the sky. Most humanity is too immature for religion, and that is where morality starts. Not like church morality but religion – relinking to the past. People in Ancient China would not dare do something that would shame the Ancestors. Today a kid is lucky to know who is ancestors are. There is nothing to stop this country from destroying itself and other countries because people here do not care. If people are internally guided by cosmic laws of creation, if they have integrity, then we would do no wrong. But these things we lack at present. So we use violence to obtain what we want. And unless we do something to stop it, even if we fail, then we approve of it. No third party is needed. A populace with integrity is needed. Fat chance. There is too little caring for the planet and for fellow humans. How many mountains are raided of their resources to make the bombs we drop on people? People just like any other people. Now they are dead and our land is scarred. Why did the people dig out those minerals? Just to be able to pay for things. It is a sick system to which 99% of our people are in thrall. Make love not war has become gang rape then carpet bomb with drones. We now have war with no risk to US. How does that advance the world? Remember Kant’s Categorical Imperative: Would we want countries that disagreed with us to rain bombs down on us?

We cannot legislate morality. And it is immoral to murder, even if we call it collateral damage. So we, who have more people locked up than any other country, want to tell the world how to live? Or kill them? It will take much more than a third party to fix that hole we are in. It has to come up from the people. And We, The People, are sick. Materialism has. clearly, failed. That is just a fact. So what will a 3rd political party do to fix that? Not a fucking thing.

For The VERY BEST in Mojo/Hoodoo Work!

April 7, 2010

Sorry for the Delay!

December 5, 2009

I have been in the hospital with a real shitty virus. Yuck!

So why do we suffer and have bad things happen to us? I mean aside from asswipes who run hospitals for profit and thus hire staff for $20,000 who don’t know a hemorrhoid from a hominy grit… Bad things happen to good people because of the idea expressed by your humble servant in the image to the left. Need an explanation? Click the image to get to my website and scout around. You will see… And I have FREE stuff there for you! Or just pop me a comment here and forget the free readings and the free books and the free movie show about science and religion. Just write me… I don’t bite. Not on the first date, anyway…

And remember: Single payer is the way to go. Just ask the man in the White House who promised to end the wars… Said he would send one or two brigades to Afghanistan, now he wants to WIN WIN WIN. Win WHAT?!?!? Win us real health care, not mandatory insurance policies. That’s INSANE!!

Enough for today. Just wanted to say I am back after a month of illness. You are all kind and I love you for asking about me. One of you tracked me at home to see if I was ok! You’re the best!  So new posts coming SOON! Love ya!

Blessings from,
Rev Eliot