Reclaim Religion Your Way

I am Rev. E. M. Camarena.  As an Esoteric Practitioner, I use the power of Magick Ritual to spread Positive Energy in the world.  Don’t contact me if you want to harm people. I will not participate in such acts. Please do contact me if you would like to find out how to achieve your goals by using Positive Energy. Even if you wish to act in anger, there is a positive way to do it. Anger is, after all, a very important emotion. It lets us know that we have been wronged. So I say embrace and understand anger lest it become rage and then consume you.  Anything you want to accomplish, I can show you a positive way to support that goal.  For further information about my services, I invite you to visit my website (Invite you? Hell, that’s why I set the thing up in the first place! We all know that… Don’t you hate that coy language?) Let’s work on getting through to a new religious understanding. I will help you Reclaim Religion.  Your comments are always welcome!


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