How You Got Played – A Message To Gullible New Yorkers

Of all glad words of tongue or pen, the happiest are these:

Back when New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo ignored the NY State Open Meeting Laws and subverted the public review process to ram through his same-sex marriage bill, many people cheered him. They cheered, even though Cuomo abused his power, because Cuomo did something they wanted. We too supported same-sex marriage (it’s a simple matter of equal protection under the law) but we opposed the underhanded, sneaky, and illegal way in which Cuomo did it. And at the time, we issued a gardyloo to the people who supported the criminal methods employed by Cuomo: “If you cheer Cuomo for subverting the law to do something you like, don’t come crying to us when Cuomo subverts the law to do something you don’t like. And he will.”

So here we are with the Amazon deal, a corporate giveaway deal in which Cuomo made a secret agreement behind closed doors without any public review to give the richest company in the world AT LEAST THREE BILLION DOLLARS of our tax payer money. The details were worked out in secret and we still don’t know the extent of the agreement. Why not? Because as parties to the deal, NY Gov. Cuomo and NYC Mayor deBlasio actually – unbelievably! – entered into confidentiality agreements with Amazon. You know, the kind of deals that Pres. Trump’s lawyer just got sentenced to three years in jail for proffering to women.

Worse than last time, Cuomo was so heartily emboldened by the cheers for his duplicity and deceitfulness, that along with ignoring the NY State Open Meetings Law, this time Cuomo completely avoided the Uniform Land Use Review Process. Under ULURP, as it is called, the process must go through rigorous public review. Key participants in the ULURP process include the Department of City Planning, the City Planning Commission, local Community Boards, the Borough President, the Borough Boards, the City Council, and the Mayor. And every step of the way with ULURP demands rounds of public hearings at which citizens are given ample time to speak. We had none of that.

Why did Cuomo feel comfortable ignoring ALL public participation in a massive and costly new development? That’s easy: All this happened with the Amazon project because so many people encouraged Cuomo to violate the Open Meeting Laws when it came to their own pet legislation. You, the people who cheered Cuomo over his stealth ramming through of same-sex marriage, told him by your applause that you approve of his dictatorial, despotic, imperious, underhanded methods. You should have demanded that Cuomo obey the law back then. Instead… you EMBOLDENED Cuomo to violate the law this time and to do it in an even worse manner.

To add insult to injury, the subterfuge in the same-sex marriage case that so many people cheered… was not even necessary. The Supreme Court soon made same-sex marriage the law of the land. And they did so PUBLICLY. Not in the sneaky, sly, unethical, dishonest, and devious way that is, clearly, Cuomo’s Way.

At the end of November, NY City Council Speaker Corey Johnson had this to say about the secrecy surrounding the Amazon deal: “I don’t think there is any defense to subverting the public review process.” This statement, of course, is in blatant conflict with Johnson’s position when Cuomo subverted and sabotaged the public review process for something Johnson supported. In fact, at the time Johnson praised Cuomo’s furtive, sneaky wheeling and dealing to ram through the Same Sex Marriage Bill: “Cuomo is a master player at the inside game,” Johnson noted back then, praising the governor.

So to City Council Speaker Corey Johnson and everyone who, in 2011, encouraged Cuomo to violate the law and in fact cheered him for doing so: THANKS. The admiration you showered on Cuomo when he broke the Open Meeting Laws EMBOLDENED him and led to his doing it again – but this time he did it in a bigger way and with something you don’t like. And now you have the nerve to act outraged because Cuomo subverted and undermined the Amazon process? Where the hell were you with your outrage when your outrage was needed?

Gullible Animated

BTW: New Yorkers, it is now clear that you are not the only chumps so easy to sucker. It turns out we were also right back in January when we said that all you people across the nation who signed the phony IMPEACH TRUMP petition promulgated by billionaire Tom Steyer got played for saps. Not only did Steyer drop the whole thing after millions of people signed on, gleefully giving him their name and address, but now it turns out that – as we said at the time – this was all a ruse to get a voter list to hit up for donations in an upcoming presidential run.

Early this month news leaked about an ANONYMOUS ad for campaign aides that ran on the website LinkedIn. Those ads got traced right smack back to good old Tom Steyer – who needed that gaggle of petition-signing suckers in order to launch his 2020 run for the White House.Styer Ad For Blog

All you who signed Styer’s petition, watch your in-box over the coming months – and see what you brought down on us by following someone who traded on your Trump Derangement fears. Steyer was someone you never even heard of, but you supported him because he played on your jejune liberal fantasies of impeachment. You fell for Steyer’s bullshit because you stupidly believed that anyone claiming to be the enemy of your enemy is your friend. It’s a game that works every time. The suckers always fall for it. So the next time some billionaire pops up from nowhere and acts all “resistance-y” about people you dislike, try paying a little more attention to the person’s motivation. We see now the hazards of a politically untested billionaire running a campaign based on playing to your childish emotions. The proof of that sits in the White House right now. So for the 2020 election try this for a change:

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2 Responses to “How You Got Played – A Message To Gullible New Yorkers”

  1. scottross79 Says:

    You did indeed tell “tell us so,” as I recall quite vividly – and on both matters. There is no one in my circle better informed, or more perspicacious, on matters involving the body politic than you. Or do people like us merely SEEM more on the ball now because virtually everyone else is so eager to get played?

  2. Frightened People Simply Do NOT Get It… | Rev. E. M. Camarena's Blog Says:


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