Stop Whining. Trump’s PLAYING You

“I know how to work the media in a way that they will never take the lights off of me.” – Donald Trump, 2014, on running for president
It astounds me to see ADULTS whining and wetting their pants about Trump on twitter. All that he does must be seen in light of the above statement.
Trump is using an old corporate technique called MANAGEMENT BY REVOLUTION.
The new boss comes in and makes himself known immediately.
Generally there is one high-profile firing at the start, but the method always gets going with a stream of memos so that people definitely feel the new presence and don’t speak about the way the previous boss did things. The old management is O-U-T.
All the media coverage about fake Russian hacking of the election is no more than an attempt to undermine the authority of the new boss, like people in a company undermining the new boss – and Trump will combat that by forcing media attention on himself.
He will do it as long as he feels it is necessary to whip media in line.
Remember how Nixon got ragged for saying “I AM the president”? Same thing.
He has known precisely what he is doing all along – and THAT is what upsets people who want to believe he’s an idiot.
Go underestimate him. Here’s Trump with a roomful of people who underestimated him:

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5 Responses to “Stop Whining. Trump’s PLAYING You”

  1. John V Says:

    I agree with your blog with one exception. I believe that Russia did interfere with our election.


    • Rev. E.M. Camarena Says:

      John, the problem is this should not be a matter of belief. As Christopher Hitchens said: “That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.”
      We have no proof and none is in the reports. It is WMD all over again if we get no proof.

  2. Nadine B - Upstate NY Says:

    The Wikileaks revelation of the Democrat Party’s shenanigans finally gave people a chance to view reality and give it a good thinking over.

    Julian Assange is one of the few true journalists on this earth.

    Did the evil and ever- scheming white lab coated Russian scientists create a Blabber The Secrets/Spill The Beans Ray Machine and point it at Donna Brazile, just squeezing those debate questions out of her mouth into Hillary Clinton’s ears? Where are Napoleon Solo and Ilya Kuryakin when we need them!

    Come on! Did “the Russians” force the DNC to crush Bernie Sanders campaign? Did “the Russians” force Bernie to expose his true nature and shamelessly roll over for Hillary?


    The American voters saw this and voted for Trump.

    And before ending, I add that I am curious to know how many illegal, undocumented aliens voted in the presidential election. How many of those votes were cast and counted for Clinton and how many of them were cast and counted for Trump? It would be interesting to see such results along with how many absentee ballots were tampered or faked and how many dead people voted in November.

    For an eye-opening experience, volunteer at your county Board of Elections and note how many absentee ballots are locked away unopened because of the tiniest abnormality on the paperwork – particularly heart-breaking were the ones I viewed a few years ago, those coming in from military personnel in battle zones in the Middle East. Imagine those ballots being entombed, unopened in a back room of the elections office because the soldier didn’t dot the “I” or cross the “t” quite the right way, or because it was postmarked an hour late? Heartbreaking and revolting at once.

    The journalists should reveal more and more of the election process, not less, or suffer criticism and hatred for so doing.

  3. hutch14 Says:

    Regarding the Russian interference intelligence report, The New York Review of Books just did a major take down of it. I mean, NYRB is the premiere Manhattan intelligensia publication! Ouch!

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