Not “History” and Not “Heritage”… It is about TODAY

     Just to be clear:  Flying the confederate battle flag today is not about heritage or history. That is a cheap cop-out. It is about what certain vile and violent miscreants do with that flag now; in the 21st Century.

     The people interested in the flag’s history and heritage blew it. They are Johnny Come Latelys. If they respected this flag, then they should not have twiddled their thumbs all these years while the KKK and other domestic terrorists appropriated their beloved symbol flag. That is the flag issue in a nutshell. It is not about history. It is about NOW.

Like THIS terrorist group: rebel-klan

And THIS mass murdering terrorist: 150620145525-04-lastrhodesian-com-dylann-roof-super-169

     This is what you have allowed your flag to represent, and you did so quietly, without a goddamned peep about “heritage” and “history” for over 50 years. That silence is YOUR history and YOUR heritage. Your shame, too.

    So, you blew it. Now pay the price and stop whining about “political correctness” like little school girls. You let your flag be hijacked by killers in your community (you knew who they were) and you just sat on your asses while it happened. It’s judgment day. The people of the United  States have spoken. If you get a case of the vapors over this, you brought it on yourselves through your silence in the face of pure evil.

Your flag is toast.

Live with it… because you allowed people to die with it. etick_22_g_effigy01_412


Let’s try this again. I have been hearing from enraged simpletons who still babble on and on about “HERITAGE AND HISTORY,” meaning they have utterly missed the point. So this is for you:

   If someone denounces the KKK, do you reply: “But white sheets have so much HISTORY and are part of my HERITAGE? Hospitals use white sheets to keep clean. Babies are diapered in white sheets. My GRANDMA used white sheets.”? I should hope not. Because it means NOTHING. I don’t give a shit what your red flag USED to mean, I have been talking about what it means NOW, TODAY because YOU let it be used for decades by racist, bigoted, hateful, murdering piles of human excrement. Like these high school kids protesting their school’s admission of AMERICAN children who were descended from people YOUR folks used as farm machines. These are kids. Who among you said to them: “Please don’t disgrace the heritage and history of our sacred, honorable flag, which by the way had nothing at all to do with slavery.” None of you said it. (And while we’re on the topic, if the civil war had nothing to do with keeping Africans as slaves why did you AND YOUR BRATS always wave that flag when African-Americans insisted on their rights? This alone shows you are either liars or a pack of ignoramuses.)
10986438_10200785179629631_536926687849610440_o   This flag may have meant one thing 150 years ago, but today it means quite another thing. It means hate, oppression, bondage, lynching, bombings, Jim Crow, and more.

    And… that change happened to the flag ON YOUR WATCH. You let it happen. You pissed on the History and Heritage you so recently discovered.

    This is what I am trying to tell you – and if you had so much as a GED, you may get it.

    Now, if you still hand me that HERITAGE/HISTORY crap, you are either grossly obtuse or willfully ignorant.


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5 Responses to “Not “History” and Not “Heritage”… It is about TODAY”

  1. William Miller Says:

    You may be interested to know that down here in SC where I live, some people have already started replacing their Confederate battle flag bumper stickers with the official flag (the stars and bars) of the Confederacy. It is their way of saying, “You want us to get rid of the battle flag, fine, but we’re still proud Confederates.”
    Also, on right-wing T.V. and radio, they are now “informing” their listeners that Dylan Roof was actually a left-wing terrorist!
    There is no reasoning with these people.

    • Rev. E.M. Camarena Says:

      They don’t get that it is not about abolishing the battle flag as much as it is getting it off government property.
      Left wing is hilarious, because only a diehard conservative could even believe there IS a left wing in America.
      Thanks for the update!

  2. Nadine in Upstate New York Says:

    The American Civil War was fought and ended with the defeat of the Confederacy in 1865. People must acknowledge this and leave the array of Confederate flags where they belong — in museums and in history books. It is clear that the exhibition of the Confederate flag is utilized to threaten and frighten innocent people of normal sensitivities. The Civil War is over with folks, it was finished 150 years ago.

  3. Rev. E.M. Camarena Says:

    One More Time For Those Who Refuse To See Truth:
    I don’t know how to say this any more clearly, so THIS one last attempt is for those who cling to the past:
    The flag thing is not about some archaic HERITAGE and HISTORY (“for duty and humanity!”) but it is about NOW. Where was the HERITAGE/HISTORY crowd when the hate groups appropriated this flag? Nowhere.
    Silence = Death
    Through your decades of silence, you abrogated your right to this convenient, but fake, argument.
    So drop the fake arguments and recognize that YOU BLEW IT by allowing that flag to be used by people who kill, lynch, bomb children in church, and block schools – among other things. You never offered an objection based on HERITAGE AND HISTORY back when George Wallace waved this flag, and you know it damn well.

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