Why The Fundies HATE “Gay” Marriage


Lost in all the bigotry and hollering is exactly WHY the religious xian fundamentalists hate “gay” marriage. They have always claimed that the “sin” of homosexuality was not in the people, oh, no, not the people… but in the fact that gay sexual relations were occurring outside of marriage. They claimed that sex outside of marriage was the sin of fornication (which is not among the Ten Commandments, BTW). So if it all hinges on their sex-outside-of-marriage issue, then same-sex marriage blows their “sin” all to hell. They hate gay marriage because now they have no choice but to admit that the sex is, under their own rules, quite licit and proper. And to them, this is a clever loophole. A mere technicality. So, they got what they wanted! Gay people may now, if they elect to, have sex within the bonds of matrimony. HOLY Matrimony. And it is dust in the angry mouths of the bigots who relish accusing others of sin. This marriage, which stems from the All-American concept of EQUAL PROTECTION, stops them from having an excuse for hating. And THAT, they hate more than anything. You just can’t please some people…


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One Response to “Why The Fundies HATE “Gay” Marriage”

  1. scottross79 Says:

    Perfectly reasoned and articulated, Eliot. Thank you!

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