Horrific Medical Bills, The Bright Side! (#1)

Yes, there is a wonderful benefit to having onerous and crushing medical bills. In 1913, little Noah Beery, Jr. became ill. In the true American Way, the newborn incurred $8,000 in medical bills -$195,093.33 in today’s money! To pay this off, his father left the stage for the more lucrative new venture called MOVING PICTURES where he soon achieved fame and fortune as a perennial villain. And because he drove his father to desperation, Noah Beery, Jr. became a famed name. He continued the family tradition and went on to play Rocky in The Rockford Files.

See how much good comes from burying people under a needless mountain of debt? Noah Beery, Jr. could have ended up a plumber, helping people in quiet anonymity. What a lucky break for all of us that he fell into the medical system!

So don’t feel bad about America being the ONLY nation in the industrialized world without Universal Healthcare. We get TV STARS instead!! We also get senators who read Green Eggs and Ham to us. Who could ask for anything more?


Noah Beery, Sr in BIG BOY (1930) playing the heavy against Al Jolson


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