HASBRO’s New Take On The Ouija® Board: Retro!

new ouija 1 copy new ouija2 copyAutumn is upon us. This is the time of year, tradition tells us, when the veil betwixt this world and the world to come grows thin. Perhaps the ancients thought that because the trees and crops all seem to die… So we get tales of ghosts and goblins and dreams of loved ones departed. As if to celebrate this time of year HASBRO has just released a new Ouija design! This is their first new design since the limited edition pink Ouija of several years ago. Like that one, this new board is destined to become a collectors’ item.

This new Ouija design, especially the box & planchette, seems to be an homage to the movie/book “Jumanji”… everything looks like it just fell out of your grandfather’s attic. But this dark new take on the classic toy (is it a toy?) contains some hidden surprises. And therein lies the problem for a reviewer. How may I tell you of the wonderful built in surprise features without playing the spoiler? Answer: I can’t! But let’s approach it obliquely. One obvious change in this version – already dubbed “Ouija 2013” by collectors – is in the planchette; the “glider” that one runs across the board to spell out messages from… from where? The beyond? Your subconscious? Who knows? But this planchette is electronic! It takes batteries and as you use it, the planchette glows an eerie blue in the window. This is a black-light type of illumination and when you use the board in a darkened room it activates the hidden features mentioned above. So far I have discovered three things the planchette does. There may be more… Half the fun is finding out. This is the perfect Halloween gift, and sure to give your family fun all year round. 

So hats off to the team at HASBRO for this fun, old-timey “update” of a classic board game that has been entertaining families for over a hundred years. Head to the toy store and pick one up. It’s a bargain at about $20.


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