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Click Here For My Collection Of Essays At AMAZON.COM


By tedda

Aug 17, 2009

“The Collected Magical Essays of Rev. E. M. Camarena”

Should you be at the dawn of realizing that an entire world exists just beyond the edges of your own five senses and are wondering how it all works and what your own place is within it, then this marvelous Magical book is just the one for you. This tightly wrapped volume of essays draws into scope everything you might expect in a book dedicated to western esoteric studies — the occult, rituals, spells, tarot, talismans, black magic, religion, the Tree of Life, as well as a few good pointers of what to do and what is wise not to do. The author illustrates by example the results of his own magical workings which range from sheerly astonishing, to the hilarious. And, I mean to say so funny that you can’t stop laughing and when you do, you want to call your friends and tell them about it! Startled, laughing, and then whispering “wow” to yourself, you hurry to turn the next page for the next surprise. Be fooled not by the size of this snappy little volume, for part of the brilliance of this neatly sculpted work is the very precision by which Camarena streams more highly energized knowledge on its pages than you’d find in stacks of other books on the subject. As he explains how beautifully Magick fits into our daily lives, it seems that he’s walking along next to you, showing you the ropes, the landscapes, scenery and shortcuts in a style so familiar you’ll feel that he’s from your own hometown, taking the uncertainty out of the uncommon. As disarming and charming as the author is accomplished, with a doctorate in biblical studies, a newspaper publishing business, and having theater and film writing under his belt — you may sense the Rev. Camarena’s elegant style, and that he is very smart in addition to being an esoteric practitioner. He knows his stuff and ties up the package by swinging you past the Golden Dawn, Aleister Crowley, the works of Geoff Gray-Cobb and provides a diamond cut clear view of the Central or Middle Pillar Ritual. Everything you need to land on your feet running in the ways of Magick. The book is filled with treats reminisent of an earlier time, I will not reveal these goodies, but will suggest that the author has a formidable knowledge of language, he is a master of words and perhaps the biggest literary surprise will be found at the end of the book, but in truth, the whole book reads like a magical Fourth of July fireworks display on paper. More introspectively, shall I close by commenting that in this complex world of ours, I feel that Rev. Camarena has distinguished himself by his humanitarian nature. By offering so much to anyone willing to read this book, I wonder if he is the type of person who will not move forward unless he is assisting others to progress as well? I do not know the author, but I did ask a question of him via his website which answer was of the kind making me curious to read his book. I’m glad I did, it is well worth its price and it will travel along with me on my journey as well.



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