Mind Power At Work: A Personal Story

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Click This Image To Get This Book


As some of you know, I recently underwent routine surgery to clear stones from my kidneys. My body is something of a rock quarry when it comes to this malady and I have experienced the agony of passing stones for a bit over 20 years now. Laser Lithotripsy is a life-saving technique which I have had several times in the past with no ill effect. This time, after surgery in mid-June, something bad developed. By the second week of July, I was attacked by an infection that suddenly and without warning sent my temperature up to 103°, had me shivering (a weird experience in the dead of summer!) and gave me other symptoms too icky (that’s the medical term) to recount here. And thus I found myself hospitalized for near ten days as several medical teams searched out the cause of this severe illness which was draining away my life. After several days, they rooted out the problem and found an antibiotic therapy which turned the corner for me.


While hospitalized, I had a long discussion with a doctor about the book pictured above. Here is how that came about…

In order to facilitate my release from the hospital, I underwent a standard surgical procedure; the insertion of a PICC so that I may continue the drug therapy at home. This an expert did with a local anesthetic. Even when this operation goes smoothly, many patients find the work deeply stressful. With me, it went anything but smoothly. The team had to attempt it THREE times before getting it right. A normally 45 minute operation lasted two hours. But what the doctor wanted to talk about afterwards was how I had not only managed to stay calm through the whole thing, but at one point I FELL ASLEEP. She was flabbergasted at my sangfroid and told me afterwards that she has done this surgery all day long for years and NEVER EVER saw a patient so relaxed and at ease. How was this possible? She wanted to know what I did. My ease ran contrary to all her experience.

So I told her that I wrote a book on mind-power, the book pictured above, and thus have developed the ability to focus my concentration at will. I was able to “go elsewhere” during the surgery and leave the work to her. I summed up the “secret” in one word: concentration. I told her that I have the ability to focus my mind to the point of making things move, things like an Egely Wheel and a Telekinetic Enhancer.  Anyone can do it, as I explain in the book.  As a scientist, the doctor was a tad reluctant to get into the telekinetic aspect of the whole thing, but she acknowledged that there was absolutely no way  she could ignore the evidence before her in the form of my relaxation during the operation.  It was stunningly clear to her that during the lengthy procedure I remained utterly relaxed, lucid, and in absolutely no discomfort. That is why she delayed her next appointment (it was late anyway!) to ask me how I did it.

I explained that there is no trick to it. All it requires is training.  Mind power must be cultivated for humans to experience life at near full potential. After all, everything we experience through our senses is filtered through the mind. We directly never see, feel, touch anything – we simply interpret what is around us through the mind. The entire universe, as we experience it, is an extension of our central nervous system. Cogito ergo sum! When you can get hold of the mind, when you can discipline the mind, and use it to your own ends, you achieve great power; power strong enough to move objects without physical contact or power to drift off to sleep during a medical procedure. I hope the doctor reads my book. I hope everyone does!

You have more power than you may know…


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One Response to “Mind Power At Work: A Personal Story”

  1. Nadine Battaglia Says:

    Rev. Eliot — You are a treasure! Ever willing to share your gems of knowledge with those willing to observe. I have a copy of your book, by the way, which I’ll most enjoy reading this evening as the thunderstorms break this heatwave we’ve all been enduring.

    Glad to hear that you’re “back in the saddle” again!

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