Wilhelm Reich and Orgone Energy


Wilhelm Reich and Orgone Energy 06/28 by The Hermetic Hour | Blog Talk Radio.

    Click the link above for a look at one of the 20th Century’s greatest minds. Reich was persecuted by the government on a level rarely seen outside of the Spanish Inquisition. His books were burned. Possession of Reich’s books was a criminal offense. Jailed, persecuted, hounded to death… all by the FDA and the AMA neither of which even took the time to test his devices! They simply said that what Reich claimed was not possible and wrong on its face. Even though Reich’s many experiments showed that Orgone Accumulators cured cancer in lab rats, the medical establishment refused to countenance it. He was simply wrong because… it was not possible. The AMA and the FDA behaved exactly like the power hungry bigots of the Roman church, when they steadfastly refused to look through Galileo’s “tube”… the now-ubiquitous telescope. It was impossible, the priests and bishops maintained. So why look?

    As conventional science crumbles under the weight of the Mystical, it is time to look once again at Reich, his work and Orgone Energy. Orgone energy is FREE for all, so there is no profit in it. Thus it must be suppressed. I make my own ORGONITE and I assure you it works in ways that science will never understand as they continue to dig in and attack all innovators. Thus they attack those of us who are Reiki Masters (despite the mountains of evidence that Reiki heal) and those among us who see farther than the bureaucrats ever will see. Listen to this presentation and see what your own government is hid ing from you. Think of that the next time the vaunted and hallowed FDA recalls as deadly a drug they once approved…

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”
– Hamlet to Horatio


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