L’amour Fou


Ah, the mad love! The fool… In Tarot we have a card representing the fool. The Fool is abandon, wildness, anything for love and madness! In an early draft of the great and justly famed THOTH TAROT by Aleister Crowley (no, he was not a satanist. You have to be a christer to be a satanist. Like Pat Robertson. He mentions satan more than he mentions his god…) I say, in the Thoth Tarot an early design by artist Lady Frieda Harris for the Fool card showed us the quintessential, dare I say archetypal, fool of modern time. Harpo Marx. It was an inspired choice but, alas, it did not make it into the final cut. The first time I had my cards read oh so many years ago it was with the Thoth Deck. It is fully described in what David LeMieux calls the strangest book ever written: THE BOOK OF THOTH

Hear me reading Tarot cards LIVE and FREE on the ASK1RADIO network Wednesdays at 11pm Eastern time. The show is Rev. Eliot’s Magickal Window. It is available through iTunes Radio, at the top of the NEWS/TALK list and ROKU and a whole bunch of ways. CLICK HERE for the archive of past shows and a live stream. Give a call!


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