An Angry Death Threat…

Hate And Anger In The Flesh

Hate And Anger In The Flesh

“So many angry, bitter and uninformed comments here. Nationalism is indeed a sad form of bigotry.”
HERE IS WHAT SOMEONE WROTE TO REBUT ME! IT IS HILARIOUS!!! His death threat against Joe Kennedy proves my point completely…
“Bigotry? It’s called dialogue, Rev (or, if you will, blogologue). Talk about angry and bitter, read your own stuff! At least most of the people here are engaging in civil discourse. I think Chavez was an illiterate fraud whose only real concern was himself, but I feel the same way about some of our own! Yes, I resent his anti-Americanism, and I could ring Joe Kennedy’s neck for being the fool he is, but there is no questioning the sincerity of many of the folks who think he was an effective advocate for the poor. I don’t agree, and we throw words back and forth, but that is the American way. Democracy and freedom of speech can be a cacaphonous exercise, even without the smug tirades that you obviously believe your “Ph.D.” entitles you to.” (emphasis added)

SICK PEOPLE ALWAYS REVEAL THEMSELVES. Even when they cower behind a hood or, in this case, a phony name. It is signed – if you call it that – T3. It is worth noting that out of nearly 800 comments on this article, one of mine is in the top 10 of reader recommendations.  God, how that must gall this T3 nutcase…


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