All I Will Say About “Sequestration”


All I will say about the “sequestration” of funds:
What we have been hearing: Teachers fired! Police laid off! Prisoners released! Air Traffic Controllers Fired! Meat Inspectors Fired! VA hospitals closing!
What we SHOULD be hearing: People who monitor your phone calls FIRED! Warrantless Wire Tap Program SUSPENDED! People who look at surveillance camera output LAID OFF! Undercover informers in Church, Temple, Mosque and Occupy Movement LET GO!
Why does the ax only fall on services we like? How about chopping away at the police state?


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One Response to “All I Will Say About “Sequestration””

  1. Baruch Says:

    So now you see the strategy, agreed upon by both dems and reps despite O’s protestations. They are stripping this country down for parts.

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