Bush’s Un-Xian Pipe Dream…

Martian Ruins as per NASA

Martian Ruins as per NASA (Click To Enlarge)

Have you seen this? Probably not. It is the poster approved by G.W. Bush (the mental defective, remember?) for his NASA trip to Mars extravaganza. The poster was supposed to whip up excitement among the public for this project so near to his, um, heart (he had one?) It shows astronauts landed on Mars, walking among RUINS OF BUILDINGS. It was pulled real fast after xians went nuts. I mean really, ruins on Mars? We all know that god only created one form of life. Americans.
But it must have inspired the ignoramus because today, Bush passes the time, while waiting for the call to become baseball commissioner, daubing pathetic oil paintings of himself in the bathroom. Honest. Look it up.


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