Health is Within Our Reach!

Charles Atlas...

(NY13-Dec.24) CHARLES ATLAS DIES – – Charles Atlas, the muscle man who began offering his secrets in a body-building correspondence course in 1922, died Saturday at the age of 80. He is shown at left in 1970 as he neared his 78th birthday. At right is Atlas in his prime (AP wirephoto) 1972

Coca Cola is spending millions upon millions of dollars to spread lies about their product. In a new ad campaign, they make the claim that there is no difference between calories from their sugar water and from anything else. No, a calorie eaten is NOT the same as every other calorie eaten. Empty calories are the problem… like those in sugary sodas. And a calorie from olive oil is definitely not the same as a calorie from hydrogenated vegetable oil or palm oil. The money-hungry pigs at Coca Cola are making the demonstrably false claim that there is nothing that differentiates their sugar water from, say, an apricot. Will the FTC stop them? We shall see. Till then, the battles has been joined by nutritionists.

“The ad is an astonishing act of chutzpah, explainable only as an act of desperation to do something about the company’s declining sales in the U.S.,” says nutritionist and food industry expert Marion Nestle on her blog, Food Politics.

Ages ago, the FTC investigated the now-legendary body builder and health advocate Charles Atlas (nee Angelo Sicialiano) for claiming that he did not use any weights or machinery to develop his body from the famous 98 pound weakling he was into the man voted “THE WORLD´S MOST PERFECTLY DEVELOPED MAN”™ The investigation CLEARED Atlas of false advertising charges filed by a rival. Atlas’s simple exercise system, created in 1922, is still available… because it works. The system emphasizes isometric exercises and good, healthy eating. It was years ahead of its time! Above is an image ran when Atlas died in 1972 at the age of 80. Look how he still looked at 78! This is how we can all look if we take care of ourselves. And it is never too late to begin.

CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ATLAS WEB PAGE to learn about the history of this life-altering system.


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3 Responses to “Health is Within Our Reach!”

  1. Nadine Says:

    Although many of us love sugar, it’s not that great for us. And if real sugar isn’t harmful enough, one of the problems with Coke is that they use high fructose corn syrup as a sweetening ingredient and it is very likely to be extremely harmful to our health. I was a Coke drinker for many years, but to be honest, when I surrender to nostalgia and pony up to the Coke section thinking to sneak a bottle of it into my cart, just the words HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP on the label turn me away.

    From what I have read, the corrosives and acid in Coke will clean stains from ceramics; clean corrosion from car batteries; loosen a rusty bolt; remove grease from clothing and remove road haze from a windshield. I have not tried the above methods, and I have left out a couple of the more unpleasantly graphic uses, but who needs that in our tummies?

    Coca Cola used to describe the experience of drinking their soda with the slogan, “The pause that refreshes” — now the only pause that I take is the one just before walking away from the Coke aisle in the store!

    • Rev. E.M. Camarena Says:

      Exactly! I didn’t even get into the HFCS thing. That stuff is in everything now because government subsidies make it so cheap. And they are about to RENAME IT! Soon it will be called “Corn Sugar” and labeled as a “natural ingredient.” Natural? Try making it at home!!! There is now evidence emerging that for men, the caramel coloring in cola induces prostate cancer. Pause that refreshes? The pause is eternal! (By the Way, in areas with a large Jewish population, Coke sells it’s product with sugar during Passover because corn is to be avoided. Look for a bottle with a yellow cap on it then check the ingredients. But yes, I agree that it is to be avoided.)

  2. Nadine Says:

    I’m so sorry for chuckling, but your reply to my comment describing Coke as the ‘pause that refreshes’ as ‘the pause that’s eternal’ is FUNNY, even though it isn’t!

    I hesitated to include it before, but Coke will allegedly dissolve a t-bone steak submerged in it in a matter of 48 hours. Whether it is raw or cooked, or what size, I do not know, but the image is sufficient, I’m not going to experiment!

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