FEAR… The Deep-Seated Sickness

Fear is a sickness. It is a sickness that is exploited daily by the news media as they whip up one crisis after another (SUPER STORM COMING! DEBT CEILING! FISCAL CLIFF!) and by the entertainment media and, most especially, by politicians. I have to wonder how much thought these reckless people give to the damage they cause. Why is this on my mind today? Because I just heard from some people who believe that there is – right now in 2013 – a COMMUNIST PLOT to take away their guns and subjugate the whole nation. A communist plot. Today. COMMIES, they believe, are out to get them. These people believe that today. How is this possible?

Think of the way so many people were raised. The incessant drumbeat of communist domination and missiles pointing at us was drilled into their heads. From the post WWII cold-war years right up through Reagan and his EVIL EMPIRE, this fear was drilled into our heads for the purpose of manipulating and controlling us. If even 2% of the people who were thus propagandized still believe it, that would be millions of people. Your neighbors. Your relatives. A couple of years ago I was told with a straight face by a woman I know that SOVIET MISSILES are pointed at us ready to wipe us out. So, yes, they still live in fear; an ancient fear that was implanted in their heads ages ago. It is on par with the equally nefariuous and controlling early religious training that we heap on unsuspecting little kids. Look what that caused. Children raped by priests and their parents, living in fear of “hell,” reacted by beating the kids for telling such stories. The crimes went unreported for years because of fear. Crafty politicians and money-hungry advertising people exploit the atavistic fear of the early human, huddled in his cave dreading the night. This is a fear that never totally left the human race. As surely as we emerged from the ocean but now carry the ocean in our veins as blood, that spark of fear, bred for survival, remains within us. And all it takes is cynical exploitation to fan that spark into a flame. And then we have that mass hysteria of “The Other” in full bloom. Be it the Salem Witch Trials, the Nazi destruction of the Jews, Gypsies and Gay people, or the McCarthy Communist Hunt, or the Cheney/Bush/Giuliani hysteria over the non-existent “Islamo-Fascist,” that fear is always nearby and ripe for exploitation. In a state of fear people do not think clearly. We barely think at all. Instead, we do as the fear monger says. And for some, this fear sticks forever. Thus the bizarre people who to this very day insist that we are under the dire threat of COMMUNIST DOMINATION. Never mind that the communist movement collapsed a generation ago. Never mind that it is the United States that today leads the world in bombings, drone and otherwise, these people know – with the certainty of religious fervor – that communists lurk behind everything which they fear. For that is how they were trained. Such fear of something that is not there is a mental illness brought on deliberately and callously by those who sought to exploit the populous for their own ends. Just look at the fear that was whipped up during the last presidential election. Did you read about the people who KILLED themselves out of fear that Obama would be reelected? That is no accident. It was done deliberately to them. Politicians FEED on fear. Most notably, the Conservatives. This is a fear-based group of people if ever there was one. Listen to any speech from the last two Republican conventions. They were all about fear and dread and impending doom. And it almost worked. Although they lost the elections, the fear they deliberately and shamelessly implanted in their followers will haunt us for generations. Today, President Obama gets more death threats than any previous president per day! How do we break this pernicious cycle?

Almost a hundred years ago, during another era of rampant fear, a man wrote a book which pulled the mask off those who would use fear to control people. That book lay dormant for generations until it was recently reissued. I am proud to say that I wrote the introduction to this new edition. I did so because I feel that everyone should read this book. And then read it again. And give a copy to your friends. This is the only way that we stand even a remote chance of defeating the cycle of fear. For some, it is too late. As surely as people today still fear the long-gone (if it ever existed!) communist threat, years from now some people will live their lives in quaking fear of the imaginary “Islamo-Fascist” that haunts the fear-based conservatives. The damage is done. Some will never emerge from the conservative inspired post-hypnotic suggestion that the world is a dangerous, ugly place. They will never believe that the world is beautiful. They will hate long past the time when that hate is needed by the politicians. It will seem quaint to people of the future, just like the warped people in 2013 screaming about commies seem quaint to us now, but they will be dangerous nonetheless. And their whole life will have been ruined by this needless fear. This book will help some people emerge from the cocoon of fear and that is a beginning. Click HERE – or click the image below – to find UNMASKING FEAR at amazon.com. Right now, with the growing spread of fear across the land, this could be the most important book that you will ever read. (NOTE: It is selling well, so if the stock is depleted when you check the link, it will be replenished shortly.)

From 1919, The Rare Text UNMASKING FEAR Is Now Back In An All New Edition!

From 1919, The Rare Text UNMASKING FEAR Is Now Back In An All New Edition!


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5 Responses to “FEAR… The Deep-Seated Sickness”

  1. Superslam Says:

    Glad to know you are mentally ill and can’t own a firearm.

  2. don lively Says:

    Excellent article! Bookmarked for later reflection.
    As you know the number of intelligent people is exponentially less than the unintelligent, the wise less than the fool. There are a more evil intelligent folk than good intelligent folk. You get the pattern.
    Those evil intelligent folk require some strong unintelligent folk to do their dirty deeds: drum up fear & doubt, amongst the sheep. You know how that is. Folk detest announcements how simple-minded they are.
    There’s no good point in my going through the litany. Sometimes one fights with available tools and skills, other times one merely laughs at the vainglory surrounding one as “Rome burns to the ground”.
    Words. Words. Words.
    Anyway, keep up the great work.

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