Another Drunken Moralist – Republican, of Course…

Sen. Crapo Needs To Know The Difference Between MORONI and MR. BOSTON

Sen. Crapo Needs To Know The Difference Between MORONI and A MARTINI

In this blog, politics & religion meet. All too often,that meeting happens at a corner called “HYPOCRISY.” Today, Mr. Mormon meets Mr. Boston.

Sen. Michael Dean Crapo of Idaho was recently arrested for driving while drunk. The senator professes to be a “devout” Mormon meaning he doesn’t drink booze or coffee. (No coffee? So how does he sober up?) Despite this, it turns out that the 61 year-old was doing vodka shots before he turned the key in the ignition and drove into the night as a lethal weapon. You don’t need me to tell you that drinking and driving is a serious matter. It indicates a personality who does not care about how his actions affect others. That is bad enough. But here is a man who holds himself up as a moral example with his “strict” religious beliefs, among them prohibition and abstinence from booze. And yet again a conservative, Republican holier-than-thou blowhard is exposed as a callous, two-faced, lying hypocrite. A phony. A fraud. A man enthusiastic about telling other people how to behave but behind closed doors a heartless, coldblooded man who doesn’t see anything wrong with driving a car while plastered out of his magical underpants. At 61 I suppose he will call this a “youthful indiscretion” or perhaps “adolescent rebellion.” This cannot be his first encounter with demon rum. Nobody starts with a string of shooters… Nobody, that is, except the pious, holy, devout Sen. Crapo.

Crapo? And what’s with these conservatives with their fake names? The senator claims that his name is CRAY-POE not CRAP-O as it is spelled. Just like his equally smarmy, slimy colleague in government, John Boehner who stoutly maintains that his name is pronounced BAYNER not BONER as it is spelled. God, these twits must’ve gotten tormented and beaten up a lot as kids. One with a name sounding like a tumescent phallus and the other having a name like a septic Marx Brother. Hey boss, here comes-a Crapo, honk honk… When a person runs away from their own name you just cannot trust him. A person who would lie about his name and thus about his family would lie about anything. Years ago, in a business setting, I recall dealing with a woman named Mrs. Fukah. In the office, that posed a problem worthy of full-scale diplomatic negotiations. How does one pronounce Mrs. Fukah’s name? What would you do? After much discussion among ourselves, before contacting her, we decided to address her as Mrs. FEW-KA. We tried that approach, but she immediately cut in with, “no, it’s pronounced FUCK-A.” We need that kind of candor in these deceiving politicians. After all, a person who denies his own name would screw the public out of anything.


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