Another Small Miracle From Minox

Tiny Minox Miracle

Tiny Minox Miracle

Folks, I am a born shutterbug. I love cameras and photography. In my youth I had a darkroom (ask grandpa what that is) and I worked in a NYC camera store in order to purchase supplies at a huge discount. All through the 70s I carried a Minox spy camera. Now…

Minox, the gold standard of spy cameras, has come of age by going retro. For generations, no spy movie was complete without that scene where the spy slams some documents onto a desk then shines a lamp on them before taking out his slim Minox camera – about the shape of a disposable lighter – and photographing them. That’s the classic Minox. So handy, with incredibly sharp lenses and a precision shutter, I know of journalists who still carry one. In fact, I still have the Minox that belonged to my parents as well as the special daylight developing tank.

Ray Milland in THE THIEF with MINOX

Ray Milland in THE THIEF with MINOX

But the Cold War is over and the digital age has arrived. With these modern times comes the Minox Digital Classic Camera DCC 5.1MP. This tiny miracle from Germany has features that earn it the right to be called Minox. It definitely lives up to the tradition of this fine camera maker. The viewfinder alone is an optical wonder.

Depending on the settings you select, you can shoot under virtually any light conditions – it even has a setting for night shooting. The lens can be focused from half a meter to infinity. It operates silently and even shoots video. I never go anywhere without carrying it. And that brings me to its only failing as a “spy camera”… it is NOT by any stretch of the imagination inconspicuous. Wherever I go with this camera hanging around our neck, people stop to ask me about it. Cab drivers, tourists, police, hotdog vendors – everyone asks about this retro-looking beauty. And when I tell them that it works as well as it looks, they usually say they will go out and get one. The price is around $150 and it comes in a gorgeous wooden presentation box. Optional retro-looking flash is also available though I have not needed it.

This is a wonderful camera! Hey, it’s a Minox. What more is there to say? Below is just one image I took with this beauty.

Deciding What To Bring Back Home

Deciding What To Bring Back Home


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