People Who Chase Wealth PISS AWAY THEIR LIVES!

There is something fundamentally pathetic about people who dedicate their lives to amassing wealth. And those people KNOW IT. Remember when Ted Turner gave a billion dollars to the United Nations? He didn’t do it because it was a good thing to do, or because it was a way to help people. He stated at the time, that he did it because he knew if he gave away a billion dollars he would not be in the running to be the richest person in the world. He said the urge to be richer than anyone else was perverting everything in his life. Good point. Personally, I think the old adage should be reversed: we should ask, “If you’re so smart, then how come you’re rich?” It takes a particularly shallow mind to think that money and owning things is the goal of life. Look at Romney, for example. Or Bloomberg. They each have over six domiciles. I did not use the word “homes” because anyone with that number of places to live HAS NO HOME. These foolish, foolish people have rendered themselves HOMELESS in their pursuit of possessions. And again, they know it. When his policies are questioned, Bloomberg has been known to snap at reporters, “My Plan B is better than your Plan A!” What the hell does that mean? It means that when he feels threatened, all he has to fall back on is telling you that he is richer than you are. But he has no idea of a person so satisfied with life that he or she DOESN’T NEED A GODDAMN “PLAN B.” All he has is this wealth that he can never spend but he is compelled to add to nevertheless. It is a sickness well portrayed in such classics of our culture as Citizen Kane. For in the final analysis, can we ever really own anything? All the rich can do is gather things together for the people who will fight over them when they have died. And in the end, when they draw their last breath, here is what people like Romney and Bloomberg and the execrable Dick Cheney or the vile Rupert Murdoch will be thinking: “This CAN’T be happening to me! I have too much money!” But it will happen to them. And then, they will reap the Karma they have so diligently and so ignorantly chosen to sow. And you know something? They may find in that hard, cruel life to come the very happiness that eluded them this time around as they chased THINGS rather than embraced life. The poor, miserable fools…

Now… why on earth would you want to vote for people like this? People with no sense of reality when it comes to life? People who value things above people? Why would you want to give these misguided people power over your existence? Is that wise?


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