The Inanity of Ayn Rand; Ryan’s Hypocrisy

The rediscovered conversation between Johnny Carson and conservative icon Ayn Rand makes a few things crystal clear. First, that conservatives are woefully ignorant when it comes to Rand’s views. She espouses things that they deny vehemently, like belief in god being “infantile,” or the unconstitutionality of maintaining a standing army. It also reveals that she is a simplistic dim-wit whose wild claims crumble under the slightest scrutiny.
Take, for example, her bizarre assertion that “capitalism does not lead to wars.” The recent spate of bloody upheavals upon which the corporate media has hung the dainty and bucolic moniker “The Arab Spring” are all the result of unfettered capitalism. The whole series of wars was launched when Wall Street speculators deliberately and for their own profit drove the price of food through the roof. Hungry people rebel. There is a clear cause/effect leading from the board room to Arab morgues. There are more such inanities sprinkled through the half-hour conversation. Only people who know nothing of her views could possibly crow about agreeing with them. Take Paul Ryan. He is a champion of limited government when it comes to you and me. But he and his family have made millions of dollars through government contracts. Building roads, for example, which Rand believes should be privately owned. So here we have a hypocrite who is also blindingly ignorant. What a surprise…
I have made DVDs of the Carson/Rand interview which I will be happy to send to anyone who wants one – for just the cost of postage and packing. I know that may sound altruistic, but then again Rand stoutly opposed any form of altruism, going so far as to label it immoral… What a dope…


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