We’re in for it now… Soon, for-profit insurance companies will control ALL health care in America.

In my heart of hearts, I was hoping that the health care act would be repealed. Had that happened, we would have ended up with a Single-Payer system – Medicare for all – and the greedy money grubbing insurance companies would have been out of the loop entirely. I hear people saying they don’t want the government deciding who gets or does not get medical treatment. I would rather have the government decide that than private insurance companies. We can replace the government with elections. We cannot replace the insurance executives who make millions upon millions denying claims. We can legally petition the government for redress. The insurance company denials of service are totally final. We can protest against the government, but not the insurance companies. How on earth did the democrats hand healthcare over to a private industry without the nation rising up? Obama took the Public Option “off the table,” remember? He did that as a gift to the insurance companies. Forget what the rightwing nuts say. The insurance companies WANTED this law. It will make them even richer. Now, look for the insurance companies to start consolidation. If you think socialized medicine is “bad,” look at the VA. That is government owned and operated. The doctors, nurses, orderlies, janitors are government employees. And the system WORKS. It is 100% socialized medicine. A Single-Payer plan is NOT socialized medicine, but it works. So when you get your coverage under this new scheme, tell me what you will do when you are sick and your claim is denied by an insurance CEO who makes a billion dollars a year….


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