Mayor Hates Happy Hour!

When it suits his political purposes, New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg touts the small business as the backbone of our economy. He sings their praises. But how does Bloomberg treat small businesses? Like crap. He daily sends out squads of nitpicking bureaucrats to hit them with fines for the most arcane so-called violations. Every year our small businesses fork out hundreds of thousands in penalties for such infractions as having a vendor’s license in the pocket and not hanging around the neck (that’s a thousand bucks right there), or maybe an inspector noted a fly in a restaurant. Or a truck is making a delivery so it gets whacked with a fine for standing there. The list is endless. Bloomberg has already gone on record as saying the NYPD is his personal army. Clearly he feels that way about all the agencies which exist to SERVE THE PEOPLE.

Now ask this: How does Bloomberg treat BIG businesses? Every year he doles out hundreds of millions of dollars in corporate welfare to companies like Fresh Direct and others who say that without this baksheesh they would leave the City. It’s all a game Bloomberg plays on behalf of the super-wealthy at the expense of hardworking small business operators. With that mentality in mind, we note with little surprise that Mayor Bloomberg is again exploring ways to destroy New York City’s vibrant nightlife, which is nothing if not a collection of small businesses. Bloomberg failed some years ago to move the bars’ traditional 4:30 closing time up by several hours. Now MSNBC, among other outlets, reports that he wants to eliminate Happy Hours, wherein us working folk take some time to celebrate the end of the workday with a discounted libation or two. And of course, Happy Hour is a boon for all bars and restaurants, pulling millions into the economy and keeping these businesses healthy. When the crass mayor goes to a restaurant, reports show that he loudly orders the most expensive wine on the list, regardless of the food served. But should you are I want a reduced price shooter, nothing doing. That, friends, is real class-warfare.

Bloomberg is apparently intent on remaking the city to cure his own peculiar vices. The man pours salt on everything he eats, so he talks about banning salt from restaurant tables. He shovels bags of crappy snacks into his face during meetings, so he decides to ban hydrogenated oils (replacing them with the equally lethal Tropical oils). He is a reformed smoker, so he attacks smoking – soon to push a ban on all smoking in all apartment buildings, the privacy of your own home. Drinking holds an equally special place for Bloomberg. As has been reported in the media, Bloomberg is wont to drink so much wine with dinner that he blacks out (see NY Daily News, Saturday, February 26th, 2005). The man has a bizarre habit of seeing in others the very traits he considers repulsive in himself… So naturally Bloomberg, the man who drinks too much, wants to shut down our local bars, starting with his Happy Hour Ban. It won’t work any better than did Prohibition, which sent the nation on a 13 year drinking binge. But like all Out-of-Town reformers, he will try. Why he is doing this, well we leave that to the psychiatrists he so clearly needs.

Listen: Over the last 11 years as mayor, Bloomberg has evinced the greatest disdain for The People since Marie Antoinette. We need to show him that in spite of his power-hungry presumptions, Bloomberg is not the Queen of New York City. When the elections come around next year, he will either try to run again – he already used his billions to flout the Term-Limit laws last election – or he will stand aside and run a puppet like Raymond Kelly or Christine Quinn. He is already playing these two against each other in the media to make them fall in line with his grandiose schemes. What’s the answer? Oust the little sonovabitch! Do not let him or one of his flunkies get into office or the city will be no better than a small town north of Peoria. Is that what you want? It’s what Bloomberg wants. Mull that over the next time you reach across the bar for a bit of liquid refreshment after work.

All we want is to send Bloomberg back to Baltimore after the next election… Let New York City be New York City.

Of course, the picture above is presented in the spirit of fun. There are MANY profound differences between Michael Bloomberg and the late Carrie Nation. For instance, Ms. Nation was 6 feet tall…


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