The Dick Clark Story

Ah, Dick Clark. Distracting us from all the real newsworthy stories that never get coverage from the corporate media is the shocking news that an ill, frail 82-year old man has died. Is there a story here? Sort of. As with most of America’s fabulously wealthy, the Dick Clark fortune began as a criminal enterprise. Many, if not most, of the 45rpm records Clark hyped so enthusiastically on American Bandstand were in fact released by companies which Clark himself secretly owned through blind holding companies. He even owned factories that pressed the vinyl issued by other labels. He was so corrupt that the US government, not known for its interference with illegal shenanigans, said enough was enough. Clark was forced to either divest himself of his hidden music holdings or give up the TV show. He elected to remain on the tube and sold off his assets, which also netted him a fortune. From there he invested in the creation of some of TV’s most insipid , and therefore lucrative, programming. Crime does not pay? The weed of crime bears bitter fruit? Uh, right. Sure. You said it.


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