OWS Scores 1st Big Victory!

NYS Gov. Cuomo Does A Complete 180 And Retains Millionaire Tax

Never raising taxes on anyone was the cornerstone of Gov. Cuomo’s campaign against the fake GOP candidate Palladino (who was run just to force people to vote for Cuomo). This pledge, Cuomo repeated not only in his rambling and dull State of the State address, but at the drop of a hat. He claimed that retaining the tax surcharge of less than 2% (two damn pennies on the dollar!) on those who rake in more than 2 million bucks a year would visit calamity upon us regular working folks. The benevolent rich folks, known in the past as “Massa” among other things, would flee the state and pay no taxes here at all. That, said trust-fund baby Cuomo, would destroy the State. Right. This ultra-wealthy gang already pays the lowest taxes in the nation – only about 14%. So let them go, already. But then a couple of months ago, something remarkable happened. Downtown The People occupied Wall Street to demand economic justice. To demand that the bankers who DESTROYED the economy pay for their crimes. To demand that the rich, who OWN the System, pay their fair share of taxes. It’s sickening how the wealthy always yap about “loving America” and our freedoms, but fight like hell against paying for those freedoms. Some love! Do they serve in the military they make a fetish out of? No. Do they put in an honest days work for a living wage? No. For the most part, this wealthy enclave sits around the swimming pool awaiting their dividend checks, which are financed by the labor of workers who pay a higher tax rate than their petty 14%. Once the OWS movement took off – after police literally gassed peaceful patriots in Union Square – it spread across the country. And that left Junior Cuomo, ever the politician, with no choice but to change his mind earlier this month and coerce the legislature to extend the measly tax surcharge on millionaires. Did he thank the OWS participants for opening his eyes? Are you kidding? What politician EVER admits to changing his or her mind? To most of these people that means political suicide. So Cuomo made some idiotic statement about how things in the economy are “different now” than when he made his pledge to his wealthy corporate bosses to cut their taxes. Hogwash! Hats off to Occupy Wall Street for getting the job done in record time. Sadly, after this extension was announced, we received several press releases from elected officials praising Cuomo and the Albany legislature but nary a word about We The People who made this happen. What are they so afraid of? Do they not exist to serve The People?


It’s well worth noting that the deal to extend this tax was made in complete secrecy, negotiated behind closed doors. This from Cuomo who, as a candidate, promised the most transparent government in the history of New York State. He did likewise with the Same-Sex Marriage law and because of clear violations of the NYS Open Meetings Law in that instance, the marriage law is in danger of being tossed out by the courts. The open meeting laws are a vital part of our democracy. These legal procedures ensure that The People see the government in action. Some have trivialized the court challenge to the Same-Sex Marriage law by saying it hinges on a “mere procedural technicality.” They could not be more wrong. As all lawyers worth their salt know, in law there is no such thing as “mere procedure” for it is procedure that creates the substance in law.  Said the NY Times on 11/29/11, “Acting Justice Robert B. Wiggins of State Supreme Court… wrote that it was possible that the Republican majority in the State Senate had violated the state’s open meetings law as it discussed whether to bring the marriage bill to a vote.” Because of Cuomo’s blatant disregard for legal procedure and important Sunshine Laws, the substance of the law may be overturned. Because of his secrecy, Cuomo has put a progressive measure in deep jeopardy. The man is going to be nothing but trouble. Just watch.


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