Advice For This Time Of Year

This is the time of year when people hear a lot about witchcraft and magickal workings. Many people take time at the end of the year to look into using magick to get the things they sought during the previous months. That is a good thing, a traditional thing… a HUMAN thing. Magick has deep roots in human culture. Even now in the 21st Century it is very much with us.

But in our simplistic, instant-gratification culture of  today, there’s a dangerous misconception that anyone can work magick without proper training just by following a store bought recipe. This is particularly true of so-called “root work” or Hoodoo methods. DIY is not the way to go. It is dangerous! It takes a trained pro to do the work or to guide you through it for yourself.

Unfortunately, many dilettantes read some books for a couple of months and then set up shop as “experts.” Hint: if hoodoo work does not include the Bible in it, it is fake. Before anyone even thinks about becoming expert in magick work – high magick or folk magick – you MUST read & study the torah! That is a must. Beware of any person who claims to work any magick but who is not proficient in the Bible. The Bible is the root of all magickal arts, especially Kabalistic arts. And as for Hoodoo, Moses is regarded as one of the first Root Doctors. So you see, this is very important. Anyone claiming expertise in Hoodoo without knowing the torah, the prophets, especially the Psalms is a fake who will lead you into trouble. Test anyone who claims to have such expertise. Ask them what part the Bible plays in their workings. If they shy away from the Bible, if they get all evasive and “new-age” on you, get away from them. It takes DECADES, not years to hone this craft. Hoodoo is more than stuffing things into cute little bags. Ritual Magick is more than memorizing the Goetia. Wicca is more than wearing a cape. Tarot reading is more than studying the definitions of cards in a book. It all takes DECADES of work and dedication. WORK. Beware ANYONE who has not been doing the work for decades. Someone who says, “I’ve been into this for almost three years now” is someone to avoid.

Stick with workers who know the Bible and who have DECADES of experience. Or you run great risk. The powers of nature are not to be trifled with by someone who thinks it’s kind of cool.


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