Soldiers Are NOT Heroes

Please take a few minutes to see this. It shows what the corporate media is not telling you: about the devastation American bombings cause and about the war resistance. I urge you to see this and comment, here and at the video.



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17 Responses to “Soldiers Are NOT Heroes”

  1. short little rebel Says:

    All I can say is: Shame on you! Our soldiers are heros. Too bad they have to save you too. You and your selfish, ignorant ilk do not deserve their protection. You are no reverend, but a complete imposter.

    • Rev. E.M. Camarena Says:

      Protection? Are you insane? Who in Iraq or Afghanistan EVER caused me trouble? Protection? To kill, maim, dismember people for OIL? This is your “protection”? Obviously you did not see this video so you have no idea what you are talking about. That’s the beauty of an ideology. It lets you have an opinion of something you know NOTHING about. How the hell are the murdering soldiers halfway around the world “protecting” me, Susan? How? They never “saved” me. Saved me from what? BTW, you have a spot of Kool-Aid on your bib.

      • short little rebel Says:

        Of course I watched it. It was stupid. The few clips of our soldiers shooting at the ‘civilians’ that were shown are infamous now. In fact, I have seen the ENTIRE video of the helicopters that day. When you see the whole thing, the soldiers were in active combat. They were patrolling the area for more enemy soldiers (note: they had been in that exact spot just before this accident). This group of guys (dressed exactly like the cowardly terrorists who refuse to wear uniforms against the rules of the Geneva Convention) entered the battlezone. One of the pilots identified a gun (this turned out to be a camera later). The wrong identification of the camera led to the shooting. The van that drove up knew they were entering a battle zone. They knew the attack helicopter was right overhead. They didn’t signal at all. They moved in quickly to ‘rescue’ the men. They helicopter still assumed they were the enemy (why didn’t they signal?) and shot them too. If you watch the ENTIRE clip, you will see that the second they discovered that there were children in the van (who brings kids into a battle zone?), they sent American soldiers to rescue them.

        Your video is nothing but opinion. Try facts next time.

  2. Rev. E.M. Camarena Says:

    Sorry, Suzie. I visited your website. Now I know. You ARE friggin’ insane. Jesus christ, do you believe EVERYTHING Fox tells you? Do you know that THEY don’t even believe it? My god, you are gullible… But thanks for wishing that I die. It is soooo xian of you.

    • short little rebel Says:

      When did I wish you to die, moron? That is a perfect example of how you liberals need to twist words to make any point. The truth simply will not do for you. Because it will always show you to be ignorant and wrong.

  3. Mary Ellen Says:

    The TRUE heroes are those with the sense, valor and courage NOT to invade other peoples homelands!!!!!

  4. Rev. E.M. Camarena Says:

    Love you Mary Ellen!

  5. xiaosan Says:

    So is your IQ like 70 or something, reverend?

  6. Mary Ellen Says:

    70 is the new 200…

  7. Sarah Stiffler Says:

    He’s correct (in the video) it DOES take alot of courage to take that stance and to agree with it. It shouldn’t, though! The very fact that people feel afraid to have that opinion, for very good reasons, is a symptom of something gone very wrong here. I agree with him and I absolutely do not support these wars. It, in the end, all comes back to oil. Learn the history, look at what we have done, wrap your mind around WHY it’s like this. I simply cannot support these actions because we are too lazy, too comfortable, too compliant to figure out a better solution to our oil dependence. The sheer magnitude of suffering is just inhuman to ask for or to place upon another.

  8. jonjost Says:

    40 some years ago I thought at said similar things; I spent 27 months in federal prison for refusing to serve in the military. And if anything things are worse now, and the government – by not having a draft, by not taxing to pay for the wars, by controlling the media – is able much more easily to carry out these policies. It is tragic and sick. And it is America.

  9. short little rebel Says:

    Sarah, people need to realize that the real reason all these wars & uprisings continue to exist through seemingly inept management (Afghanistan & Iraq) and have needlessly started (libya, syria, egypt, yemen, jordan, saudi arabia) is NOT so that the United States can get oil (to think that war = cheap oil is to not look at the price tag of war) but to cut off our access to Middle Easter oil. It is the exact opposite of what you think. Obama and the elites want to move this country to ‘green energy’. Pelosi & Gore, for example, own either controlling stocks in ‘green enery’ companies or they out & out own them. They have already been the direct recipient of huge amounts of money from Obama’s bail out. You can either check out my blog for the direct links exposing this (btw: mine actually link to real news & stock information & not just screaming second hand opinion) or you can look it up yourself. Just google it.

    While Rev. (He is no reverend. Real reverends are not spiteful and angry people) likes to just call people who oppose him ‘crazy’, I can assure you that I’m not.

    Your desire for peace is commendable, but as long as evil people with evil intent (look at Hitler, Mussilini, stalin, etc) exist, war will be inevidable. That being said, no war should be entered into quickly or lightly. Please notice that Obama refuses to get the constitutionally required permission from Congress for the war in Libya? That is an impeachable offense. And yet, why no outcry from the Republicans? Because they are corrupt too. They want those war powers for themselves if they get elected.

    There is more going on here that meets the eye. Pls. see my “Who is Rupert Murdoch & who owns the press” article that will prove that a very wealthy powerful elite own ALL the news companies in America. I use the stock market (all with links for your validation) to prove that six families and/or groups own both the conservative & the liberal news- and that they have slit it all up equally between themselves. Do you think they mean to do good with their news cartel? Reading this article will open your eyes and make you ask, “Hey, what the hell is going on here?”

    Americans need to open their eyes and learn more about people like George Soros and the Open Society Foundations that he founded. He clearly espouses the end of the United States in favor of a world government. He is gaining support in the universities around the world. If that is what you want, then by all means, just trash me & my comments. But if you actually like being an American and like the idea of keeping America around, then please read more and investigate more. Visit my site. I welcome you and look forward to your comments.

  10. Rev. E.M. Camarena Says:

    “While Rev. (He is no reverend. Real reverends are not spiteful and angry people) likes to just call people who oppose him ‘crazy’, I can assure you that I’m not.”
    Well, folks, see how the reich-wing ideologues act? This douche-bag has nothing to argue my position with, so she uses a typical conservative tactic and impugnes my credentials – based on nothing but her imagined stereotypes – and then she accuses me of something that she pulls out of her ass, as droopy and ugly as it no doubt is. But what can you expect from someone who thinks that George Soros (meaning: JEWS. That’s what she means when she says six families control the media. Probably still reads Hitler and the Protocols of Zion as she waits for her drugs to be delivered.) is trying to take over the world? Please DO visit her site. It is full of “proof” like conspiracies reported on by GLENN BECK! Hahahahahaha! What a sap. Are you buying gold, Short-Shit? That’s what FOX “news” sells to all the dim bulbs who tune in…

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