Shameless Fear Mongering From WNYC Radio!

The Fear Mongering BRIAN LEHRER Of NPR's WNYC Radio

Shame on Brian Lehrer! The longtime (ie, seriously underachieving) host of a talk show on WNYC radio, our local NPR station, has a show coming on this morning called “How Much Should We Fear The Muslim Brotherhood?”
This sort of fear mongering is disgraceful and shows how utterly ignorant this man is. The Muslim Brothers have been around in Egypt since 1929. They are 20% of the seats in parliament. I would bet that Lehrer never even heard of them before two weeks ago. Now it isn’t even SHOULD we fear them, which is bad enough, but HOW MUCH. It is plain disgusting. Hell, they are less dangerous than our very own Christian Coalition. But the demonizing of all things Muslim marches on. Even among so-called progressive liberals.
I am complaining via email to the station. Here is the email: (Naturally, I could not find an address for the manager.)
Please spread this around. We need to complain or these people will run us up into another war for the sake of their goddamn ratings.

Should you wish to send them an email, but feel less than comfortable if you did not hear the promo for this despicable man’s show, please feel absolutely free to tell them that I told you about it. They will know who I am.


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