Click Here For My Website! And LOTS OF FREE STUFF! Now Including ORDINATION!

If you believe you may have the calling… If you have been thinking about joining the clergy… Then jump on over to MY WEBSITE AT THIS LINK to fill out the simple form. That’s all there is to it! It is FREE. It is EASY. It provides you with all the benefits and honor that befits a member of the clergy. Think of the INSTANT respect & credibility! You may LEGALLY call yourself “Reverend” before your name. You will have all that the FRAMERS of the CONSTITUTION wanted you to have when they wrote the Bill of Rights! Freedom of Religion is a RIGHT in this country, not a privilege. You have the God-Given RIGHT to be a Minister. So click the link and go for it! The world will be at your feet. What you make of this is entirely up to you, but you have got to be part of it, a Man or Woman of the Cloth, in order to get all that you are entitled to! If you have any questions about what you can do, or what I have already done, with a Ministerial License, just ask me. That is why I am here.


Now being a LEGALLY ORDAINED Minister is EASIER THAN EVER! Click on THIS LINK and it is ALL YOURS! Remember: With SEPARATION of CHURCH & STATE, You will not even have to answer to the GOVERNMENT for what you do and say as a LEGALLY ORDAINED MINISTER! It is NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS! Click the link and GET THAT ORDINATION! 

Blessings to you!

Rev. E.M. Camarena, PhD


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