What’s The Top Killer In The USA?

Do you know what the leading cause of death in the USA is? No, not heart disease. Not cancer. Not murder… nope. Try this on for size: iatropic death is the leading killer. You know what it means? Death by medical intervention. Or, more simply, “accidents” in the hospital. I use quotes because these accidents are actually carelessness, thus avoidable. A meteorite hitting the maternity ward,  THAT’S a hospital accident. Mistakenly unplugging your ventilation, ain’t.
Iatropic deaths are almost NEVER mentioned in the media that is heavily funded by the pharma cartel. Check out the ads on the nightly network news sometime…

IMMORTALITY HINT: Want to live forever? Stay the hell out of hospitals. I have personally experienced medical mistakes and know better than to trust these merchants of death. This is what we can expect with money being made from illness…


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