3rd Party? It Can’t Replace Integrity

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I keep hearing talk about a 3rd Party. People are “fed up” with what we now have. No… Not fed up enough yet. Too many people are just plain angry people and they take their parental issues out on the government. Legislation is never the way no matter who is in “power”. The whole things starts with the family. It always did. Look at Germany, Hitler and the nature of the GErman family at the time. Now we have no family structure here. And religion has been boiled down to obedience to some angry old fart in the sky. Most humanity is too immature for religion, and that is where morality starts. Not like church morality but religion – relinking to the past. People in Ancient China would not dare do something that would shame the Ancestors. Today a kid is lucky to know who is ancestors are. There is nothing to stop this country from destroying itself and other countries because people here do not care. If people are internally guided by cosmic laws of creation, if they have integrity, then we would do no wrong. But these things we lack at present. So we use violence to obtain what we want. And unless we do something to stop it, even if we fail, then we approve of it. No third party is needed. A populace with integrity is needed. Fat chance. There is too little caring for the planet and for fellow humans. How many mountains are raided of their resources to make the bombs we drop on people? People just like any other people. Now they are dead and our land is scarred. Why did the people dig out those minerals? Just to be able to pay for things. It is a sick system to which 99% of our people are in thrall. Make love not war has become gang rape then carpet bomb with drones. We now have war with no risk to US. How does that advance the world? Remember Kant’s Categorical Imperative: Would we want countries that disagreed with us to rain bombs down on us?

We cannot legislate morality. And it is immoral to murder, even if we call it collateral damage. So we, who have more people locked up than any other country, want to tell the world how to live? Or kill them? It will take much more than a third party to fix that hole we are in. It has to come up from the people. And We, The People, are sick. Materialism has. clearly, failed. That is just a fact. So what will a 3rd political party do to fix that? Not a fucking thing.


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2 Responses to “3rd Party? It Can’t Replace Integrity”

  1. Ben Hoffman Says:

    [So we, who have more people locked up than any other country]

    That’s what happens when you privatize prisons and when drug users get more jail time than people who bilk the government out of millions of dollars.

    Good to see a religious man speaking out against these things, though! I’d attend one of your services if I could, and I’m Jewish! 🙂

    • Rev. E.M. Camarena Says:

      We not only privatize prisons, we count the inmates – who cannot vote – as residents of the county for representational purposes. NY is trying to ban this, but good luck.
      Thanks for the kind words!

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