9/11/01 Looking Back


Lawdsy, Bush Lubs Dem Sawdis...

I thought that today, as the Saudi owned  FOX “news” Channel seeks to whip up a frenzy against Islam in America, we should look at the salient points of the attacks which took place on 9/11/01

The attack was political, not religious.

This is the main point. The attackers wanted several things to be accomplished. They all happened. Bush gave them everything they wanted.

1) They wanted US Troops out of Saudi Arabia. Bush did that. He did it quietly, but he did it. So much for standing up to terrorism…

2) They wanted Saddam Hussein deposed and his secular government removed. Less quietly, Bush did that too, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent peo0ple and replacing the only non-theocracy in the area with The Islamic Republic of Iraq. Good job, there Bandar Bush…

3) They wanted the American economy to be in ruins. Well, you know what Bush did there. He came in with a surplus and a smaller federal government. Left with an ocean of red ink and a bloated government.

4) They wanted Muslims to hate America. After the attacks, the Muslim world showed great solidarity with America. Rallies supporting America took place all over the Islamic nations, including a big rally in Iran. Bush, with his incendiary babble about “crusades” and his bombarding of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan turned that all around.

Bush gave the terrorists EVERYTHING THEY WANTED. Ponder that as we begin the orgy of self-pity called 9/11: Countdown to 10 Years.


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