Whew… There’s Kool-Aid For Everybody!

I posted this silly, surreal little video on youtube 4 years ago…

What is funny is the flurry of idiotic comments it is generating from brain-dead FOX News viewers…

Here is one of the stupidest: “I have common sense, unlike you. You’re the one who has bought into it. You are among the blind sheep who follows Meet the Depressed, Communist News Network, The View, Hollywood, MSLSD, and other ding bat media. You are so deep into it, you can’t tolerate difference in opinion without labeling someone a racist. How intelligent. You’re a typical liberal incapable of using your brain.”

Can you believe it? “Communist News Network” This atavistic moron still is frightened of communists! Jesus, give us some help here… (for the record I never called him a racist. Just accusing me of that and saying I’m a liberal is supposed to make be soil my undies. Well I go commando, sweetie!)


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