Now It Is Official. Obama Is One Of THEM.


Obama as he lies through his teeth about Afghanistan. Now he is a true member of the club. Nixon. Kissinger. Reagan. Bush. Clinton. Bush. Rumsfeld. Cheney. Yeah, and now Obama.


Well hooray! Now it is official. President Barack “Change You Can Be Led Into Believing In” Obama… is one of THEM.

He just held a presser to discuss the 92,000 leaked documents about the Afghanistan war. (CLICK HERE) What did he say? The same goddamn thing that all politicians say when they get caught with their pants down. He said this was old news. Nothing new. We all knew this stuff. We as in you and me. I didn’t know that we paid Pakistan $30,000,000 and they used it to finance the Taliban in killing US troops. You can bet your ass that the people who signed up for the military didn’t know that.

” [T]he fact is,” Obama said using the intro that means a politician is about to lie, “these documents don’t reveal any issues that haven’t already informed our public debate on Afghanistan.”

PUBLIC DEBATE? Who in the fucking public knew that our tax money was being used to kill Americans? Who knew that? Who discussed it in public?

You know, all you knee-jerk voters who went for this Oreo® because you wanted Dr. King’s dream to come true, you forgot that King spoke of NOT JUDGING BY THE COLOR OF ONE’S SKIN which you did – but by the CONTENT OF ONE’S CHARACTER. Obama is bereft of character and now the whole world knows it. He is WORSE THAN BUSH because he said he would be different. Now, thanks to Obama, we will not see a true progressive – of any color at all – in the White House for at least a generation. Thanks for voting him in. Next time around do America a favor. Sit at home with your thumb up your ass and just watch The Real Housewives of American Idol’s Got Talent. You fucked this up for the true liberal/progressives.


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