Obama Is At It Again…

Look at this article in the NY Times (click the heading):

Obama Names Graham and Reilly to Oil Spill Commission

A Commission? Why do we need this? Bipartisan? What’s that about? We already have an investigative body. The Justice Department. We also have this thing called… CONGRESS!!! If the People wanted a bipartisan Congress, they would have voted one in. So what’s the point here? To make nice to the predacious capitalists in the GOP? Is the president afraid that his backers in the oil business may come up in trouble without this “even handed” Fair and Balanced commission? Let the House and the Senate do their jobs. Just another example of Obama side stepping the electorate to please his biggest investors. I mean, contributors…
And folks, it ain’t an Oil Spill. There is an uncapped GUSHER under the Gulf of Mexico spewing crude oil 24/7.

And amazingly, the Tea Baggers will still say that Obama is a Maoist (they really do!) and a communist. What poor, gullible fools. The Coast Guard now takes its marching orders from BRITISH Petroleum, and they say he is a communist. He is going to take away their fishing pole and replace it with interpol. Saps. At least Obama had to work hard to fool liberal voters. These conservatives? They were born under the sign of Kick Me…

Well, what can we expect from people dense enough to actually pay hundreds of dollars to hear Sarah Palin do Norm Crosby’s act?


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