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Welcome tourists and visitors to New York City! Soon it will be Travel/Vacation Season! And people from all over will pour into New York City.  We in NY are actually a friendly lot who help visitors when they need questions answered or directions. We can tell you the best way to get to the Statue of Liberty Enlightening The World (actual name) or to the new Yankee Stadium which we paid for so millionaires can play a game…

We have amazing food here! What you will not find are TransFats. The health conscious mayor had a law enacted that bans bad TransFats in food sold here. So what do the chefs and bakeries turn to instead? PALM OIL! Which adds to the shelf-life and tastiness of products. It does this AS IT KILLS YOU… The mayor is an egomaniacal lunatic who disregards his own health while dictating what the rest of us peons eat and drink – at a celebrity filled dinner party he gave for the International Olympic Committee, for example, Mr. Mayor guzzled down two bottles of wine and then passed out at the table. See how health conscious he is? He did that, we infer, to avoid desserts filled with DEADLY PALM OIL
Read here about the oil that Mayor Bloomberg allows, while he garners publicity for being the first to ban TransFats.  It is like Utah which once offered a choice for those facing the death penalty… You want to hang or you want a firing squad? Thanks for listening.  Enjoy NYC…


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12 Responses to “The Wisdom of Pearls, Cont’d…”

  1. Rob Says:

    Sorry but the nutritional chart shown must be for partially-hydrogenated palm oil (at the link in your article “DEADLY PALM OIL…”).
    If not, please show a non-hydrogenated palm oil that contains trans fat because I certainly couldn’t find one on numerous searches.

    Science Daily seems to have fouled up the article and based it on a false premise – to what end I can’t imagine.

    • Rev. E.M. Camarena Says:

      Thanks, Rob. I will double check.
      If you know, what is the difference between palm oil from the fruit and from the seed? I understand that the seed is hugely problematic. Tropical oils in general should be avoided as their makeup is dangerous and will clog arteries. I imagine that the bigger problem is that too many people are eating mass produced “food.” We should be preparing our own food, but most people no longer do that. A look around the sidewalks of New York will show the results of eating a corporate produced diet.

  2. Rev. E.M. Camarena Says:

    No, there is no error. The danger in tropical oils has nothing to do with partially hydrogenation. They are way too high in dangerous fats – they congeal in our normal room temperature.
    There is no mistake here. To replace partially hydrogenated anything with a tropical oil is an act of mass murder.

  3. Rob Says:

    Rev Camarena,
    I was very specific about the trans fats claimed in the article.
    Are you saying there are trans fats in un-hydrogenated Palm oils?
    If so please point me to that information as I couldn’t find it anywhere.

    As to the Palm Kernel fats they’re higher in saturates than the fruit oil but that’s still not trans.

    Trans lower HDL while raising LDL while many saturates raise both without unfavorably altering the ratio. Some saturates lower total cholesterol so it’s complicated.

    Also, saturated fats were conflated with trans fats before the issue became known so we may have a few more years to separate the test results effectively.

  4. Rev. E.M. Camarena Says:

    I did not mention transfat, you did. I mentioned health. I have not conflated anything, you did. I simply repeated the verified knowledge that palm oil is not a healthy alternative to products with transfat. To remove one from food items and replace it with the other is not a step forward to anything other than Boot Hill.

  5. Rob Says:

    All of the links in the article I was commenting on in this entire thread (see them above as “PALM OIL”, “DEADLY PALM OIL” and “Read here about the oil”, all of these link to the same Science Daily page which does have a nutritional chart showing a whopping 3 grams of Trans Fats per serving. Directly under that label is the caption :”It does not appear that palm oil would be a good substitute for trans fats, according to new research. (Credit: Label courtesy of FDA)”.

    Anyone reading the article would assume the nutritional label is for palm oil because of that caption.
    The label itself isn’t proven to be palm oil in any way but the article is composed to make it appear so.

    This is why I’m following this thread – to have the record set straight by having the label showing 3 gr trans to be properly attributed.

  6. Rob Says:

    The linked study-article also didn’t mention that Trans Fats lower HDL while raising the LDL. That’s much worse than some saturates which raise both (some saturates lower both!). Raising the LDL and lowering the HDL results in the worst of both worlds and decreases the desired ratio.
    Trans fats are virtually unique in this and much more dangerous for just that characteristic among many other bad ones.

  7. Rev. E.M. Camarena Says:

    Rob, sweetheart, take a stress pill and relax.
    I see that you are very diligent in your work and I commend you for that. I will even tell your employers how you have followed up on this, if you wish.
    Nevertheless, the fact remains that switching from transfats to palm oil is like asking the man standing on the gallows what color hood he wants over his head.
    I do believe that you have made your point – and done your job. Now let it go. You must have other clients to service, yes?

  8. Rob Says:

    You imply, ad-homonym, that I’m working for someone and have a vested interest. That’s false. I’m self employed in the entertainment industry and none of this has anything to do with that or any other work.
    I’ve been off trans fats since 1972 and people take me for 15 years my junior.
    I tried to get my friends and family to understand the dangers of artificial TFA’s for years and finally was ‘vindicated’ only very recently.
    I do my reading and research because I have a curious nature and I find that it leads me to very satisfying ends (and even inventions) which amaze people because they think that “it couldn’t be done”.
    Your warnings about Palm fats are very colorful and extreme and therefor call for proof to back them up.
    I have no stress or animosity in this conversation but the Science Daily article you linked relies on a very small study.
    The huge Nurses’ Health Study study shows something you might be interested in:

    …”In fact, a 2006 review of the Nurses’ Health Study in the United States, a major source of evidence on the harmful effects of trans fats, found that for each additional two percent of calories consumed from trans fat, risk of coronary heart disease nearly doubled, but the same increased risk was seen only with a 15 percent increase in saturated fat.”…

  9. Rev. E.M. Camarena Says:

    God, another out of work actor…

  10. Rob Says:

    Another personal attack from a “Reverend”?
    I’m a working musician who also works in property management and deeply studies things I’m interested in. Most of my research is ‘vindicated’.

    Good by and good night.

  11. Rev. E.M. Camarena Says:

    NOTE: Reverends are not people? What kind of early upbringing did you have that you expect Reverends to be devoid of all human traits? I can help you with that and I would not charge you very much. Oh, right. Reverends do not use money. Oops…
    Glad that you have been so often vindicated. It sounds as though you believe yourself under constant attack. That, I cannot help you with. Others can…
    Peace to you, Rob the Vindicated. Fare thee well.
    Reverend Doctor Camarena

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