Squeezing Their Shriveled Tea Bags…

I am going to be nice and upbeat about this… The link here is for the new CBS/NYTimes poll of the Tea Party people. And yes, they are old, white, believe in collecting their entitlements but nobody else should and… 63% get their news ONLY from FOX. What a shock! And what about the bizarre contention often stated by right-wing apologist that the party is 30% Democrat?  As you thought, this is not so. The number of Tea Pots who call themselves Democrats is a pathetically small 5%. How many Tea Baggers are there? They account for 18% of Americans. And well over half of them think that Bush was a good president! 18% was about the number who supported Bush in the last days of the Cheney/Bush administration…

More? They are against big government (although Bush enlarged the government massively after the Clinton/Gore cuts), the oppose helping the Banks (although Bush lavished billions on Wall Street), they do not want to lose social security (although Bush tried to privatize it and hand it over to Wall Street), they oppose socialized medicine (although they approve of their medicare!), they abhor Government “handouts” (although they think that Farm Subsidies are fine) and they seem to hold to the odd notion that Obama is giving too much help to poor people (although like Bush they claim to be Jesus Christers). They are also angry with Obama for nebulous things like not understanding the American way of life. 

Hmmm… I wonder what it is that colors their opinion of the President… Maybe they should issue a White Paper…


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2 Responses to “Squeezing Their Shriveled Tea Bags…”

  1. hannah Says:

    So perceptive – and hilarious! Thanks for the laugh this afternoon!

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