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Check out this from the NY Times… Iranian Anger Rises Over Obama’s Revised Nuclear Policy

Interesting article in light of the Conservatives’ newest looney-tunes “theory” that Pres. Obama has deliberately weakened US nuclear capacity just as North Korea and Iran pose a “threat” to our country.  Jesus, Nelly, straighten out your corsets and relax a bit.  There is no threat to us… just FROM us.  Obama has said that the door is open to attacking those two nations. Probably under the Bush Doctrine that says if mommy doesn’t tuck you in at night you attack countries that daddy never liked.  But even an unprovoked attack won’t make the chicken-hawks feel secure. They no doubt will see it as Obama pulling a fast one… a SOCIALIST fast one… I guess Obama would have to nuke EVERYBODY outside our borders to make the scared Conservatives feel safe… or safer


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