The NY Times, that “newspaper of record” just ran a piece about a doctor who does not want to treat people who voted for Obama. Yikes…

As an aside, the writer – one DAMIEN CAVE (great name for a gay porno star) – notes, quote, “Doctors take the Hippocratic oath promising to do no harm, but once that requirement is fulfilled do they have a right to choose patients based on politics?” Now look at that again. The article includes a link, as have I, to the Hippocratic Oath. Had Mr. Cave (gotta love that name!) clicked on the link in his own article he would have seen that – TA DAH! – there is nothing in the oath that says anything about not doing harm.  Here is what his own link says: “The phrase “first, do no harm” is often, incorrectly, attributed to the oath.” And as you see, it includes another link which is dedicated to that one troublesome phrase alone.

How this fallacy about First Do No Harm got started is anybody’s guess but I bet it had something to do with the intro to a 1930’s radio drama like Dr. Kildare or something similar. It is as fallacious as the much repeated belief that witnesses in court have to swear an oath on the bible. Nope.  Not true either.

In case you don’t know the Hippocratic Oath – and there exist several of them – it does forbid abortion. Imagine forcing doctors to stick to that little clause.

While a lot of  journalists mistakenly believe that the Oath says, “First do no harm,” Mr. Cave (no comment!) wins the Lazy Reporter Award because the proof that he was wrong is right there in a link in his own article. Friends, THAT is friggin’ lazy.

I pointed out the mistake, as did a doctor, but as of this posting the Times has not corrected the error…

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