Cheny/Bush Administration Illegal!



No, We Don't Miss Your Sorry, Droopy Alcoholic Ass Yet... We Still Have You!


Bush’s secret wiretapping of the nasty, evil, god-hating American People has been deemed ILLEGAL. Please, please do not let this be an April Fool joke!

The court ruled not against Bush, but against OBAMA whose right-wing administration sought to keep the details of the spying operation secret. How’s that in any way “Change You Can Believe In”? Just add that to the growing list of Bush Administration crimes that Obama has sought to continue.  Gitmo. Two unnecessary wars. DADT. Bank Bailouts. “Mittens” Romney’s MA Insurance Scheme… Now we have the god-awful oil drilling gift that Obama is giving to his corporate backers. That was a Bush plan also. We are lucky that Obama doesn’t vacation in Crawford, for god’s sake…

Let’s see what Mr. Change does with the banking regulations… although you need only look at Obama’s campaign financials and his sudden pre-senate millionaire status to figure that one out…


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