Michael Moore on B.S. Insurance Bill

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A perfect summary by Michael Moore of the shit that is being shoved at us and called “Health Care Reform.” This is an insurance bill, pure and simple, with BILLIONS going to the Wall Street investors who – now please don’t get upset with this as it is demonstrable – who own Pres. Obama and groomed him for this very position.
I want a bill passed which ORDERS all Amerikans, under penalty of criminal law, to buy my product. Don’t like that? Well, that’s this Insurance Reform Bill. You MUST buy insurance and then they can refuse to pay for your treatment. But, you say, they must cover pre-existing conditions. Right. Or pay a fine of $100. Yup. That’s all. $100 a day. They would gladly pay that fine. And corporate fines are TAX DEDUCTIBLE so WE, The People, will pay their fine!
Anyone in favor of this bill has been taken for a buggy ride, plain and simple folks.
We are about to get fucked by a diseased industry without benefit of latex.

This is important, folks, because we have been played. Bait & Switch. Obama went from Universal Health Care to forcing us all to buy insurance. How is that anything remotely like medical care? It is the insurance companies – totally unnecessary entities – which have screwed up medical coverage in the first place in this country. Now they are going to be the sole providers of medical care. Under the law, a Board of Directors may be prosecuted if they do things that do not raise the profits of the company. So these companies have only one mission, and it sure as shit ain’t your kidney stones or your gall bladder or your cancer. It is PROFITS. That’s the law, and that’s who Obama is turning our whole healthcare system over to. He ran on one thing and now he is delivering something diametrically opposed to it. What a bastard. Those of you who believed him… thanks for being suckers. From now on base your vote on more than Oprah and some commercials. Read up on the candidate. Better yet, stay home and watch TV. You have done enough damage.

Please pass the Vaseline®, Mr. President.


(Here’s what I just emailed to my congressman, Jerrold Nadler. I urge you to do something similar while there is time.)

Please, please do not vote for the Obama Insurance Bill. This was supposed to be “Universal Health Care.” Then it became “Health Care Reform.” Then the Pres. started talking about only insurance purchasing. Like I don’t have health care because I forgot to buy insurance! I cannot afford it at this time. I cannot afford to be made a criminal by not purchasing insurance. Please hold out for REAL health care like the rest of the whole world has. It took 60 years to get here. It will take another 60 years to repair the damage this boon to insurance companies will do.

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