Tarot Readings… YOU NAME THE PRICE!

I know that we are all jaded by advertising these days but I am making you a truly GREAT offer…


Click Here For My Website! And LOTS OF FREE STUFF! NO FINES!!


How much would you pay for a 30 minute COMPLETELY PRIVATE Tarot Reading? How’s this for a price: Pay whatever you want to pay! Want to pay $15? Want to pay a couple of thousand? YOU PAY WHATEVER YOU WANT! Any price is fine with me! You get the reading and I trust you to pop the payment my way as a donation. My suggested donation? Uh, ten million bucks. Want to pay less than that? Then Pay Whatever You Want to Pay!

People say, “How can you trust people to pay you?”
Hey, if I get stiffed I just don’t read for that person again. So WHO gets cheated? ME or them?

Just CLICK HERE for my contact page and I will send you all the info to arrange for your PAY WHAT YOU WANT Tarot Reading!

I usually charge a hell of a lot for a private reading but since times are tough all over, I leave it to you. Just one thing. WIth pricing like this, you need to send cash or money order. No credit cards, so nobody knows that you had a reading… EVERYTHING IS COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL AND COMPLETELY WHATEVER PRICE YOU WANT IT TO BE!

I urge you to take advantage of this offer. 30 minutes with an Occult Priest and Tarot Expert for whatever you want to pay me! Don’t you wish everything in life was like this?

Contact me NOW for your reading. CLICK HERE to get in touch with me or send me a message through this site.

I will be waiting to hear from you!


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