Sorry for the Delay!

I have been in the hospital with a real shitty virus. Yuck!

So why do we suffer and have bad things happen to us? I mean aside from asswipes who run hospitals for profit and thus hire staff for $20,000 who don’t know a hemorrhoid from a hominy grit… Bad things happen to good people because of the idea expressed by your humble servant in the image to the left. Need an explanation? Click the image to get to my website and scout around. You will see… And I have FREE stuff there for you! Or just pop me a comment here and forget the free readings and the free books and the free movie show about science and religion. Just write me… I don’t bite. Not on the first date, anyway…

And remember: Single payer is the way to go. Just ask the man in the White House who promised to end the wars… Said he would send one or two brigades to Afghanistan, now he wants to WIN WIN WIN. Win WHAT?!?!? Win us real health care, not mandatory insurance policies. That’s INSANE!!

Enough for today. Just wanted to say I am back after a month of illness. You are all kind and I love you for asking about me. One of you tracked me at home to see if I was ok! You’re the best!  So new posts coming SOON! Love ya!

Blessings from,
Rev Eliot

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