The Wisdom of Pearls, Part 2

They died in Sedona, in a “sweat lodge.”
Click the pearl for my website

Click the pearl for my website

Not to blame the deceased here, but I do wish to say that this points out the problem with the Instant Mashed Potatoes method of attaining Enlightenment. It is a road – a long one at that – which must be trod with alertness and care over an entire lifetime. So many people with good intent fail to grasp that and thus go from one fad to another – lost to themselves. You cannot find Enlightenment through a desiccated form of the work done by an entire culture. The sweat lodge is not, nor has it ever been, part of the path of the hausfrau from the Philadelphia Main Line. One does not go from Berwynn to Satori in a weekend, continental breakfast included. 

You want to know about such things? Wish to understand the journey to inner peace and love? Inside, all of us want that. Don’t throw your money away on trendy fads. Learn the real reality of the real and not-real. Find out about Spiritual Guidance which actually guides you to… your true self.

Just click on the oyster for my website where you will find out about the true road to Enlightenment. HINT: It ain’t religion, baby…


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