Karzai “Agrees” To Run-Off

Well, the NY Times is reporting that Hamad Karzai has agreed to a  run-off in the presidential election in Afghanistan. How white of him!  So many faked ballots were tossed out that another round is needed.
What fascinates me is that Hillary Clinton said that she believes current president Hamid Karzai will win a run-off. Why did she say that? That’s what supporter’s of a candidate say. Did she shoot off her mouth and confirm that Karzai is “our boy in Afghanistan”? She should have said something bland about democracy working. But instead she TOOK SIDES!
Now: How many Americans would let their kids fight and die if the news here reported the actual names of the countries? Iraq? No THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAQ. Afghanistan? No. THE ISLAMIC STATE OF AFGHANISTAN. Get it, folks? Your family is not dying for “Freedom,” it is being killed for Islam. If you believe that is worth dying for, great. If not… well, that’s why they hid it from you. Send a letter to you newspaper of choice and demand that they start printing the REAL name of these countries. Send the same to Obama. Just come out and say, “Things have turned the corner for our efforts in the Islamic State of Afghanistan.” Just keep sending them and have your friends send them as well. Truth in Advertising!


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