USCIRF Urges Secretary of State To Press Iran On Religious Freedom

I read THIS ARTICLE with astonishment….

The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom… Did you know that this thing exists? What kind of an insane group is this?!? They want Hillary Clinton to “press” Iran, whatever that means? This sounds like just another bullshit excuse to help whip up a war. Can you hear the president now as the bombs start dropping? “Make no mistake. Iran has violated 36 resolutions of the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom.” I am no isolationist, but it seems that the US “foreign Policy” since Bush II has been nothing but leaning on countries and waging/threatening war. It know that this is nothing new, but at least we had some diplomacy in the erstwhile mix.

And who are these people who work a 40 hour week manufacturing the bombs – then go home to their families and sleep 8 hours a night? Where are the plants? Why do they need to make more and more of these things? Don’t we have enough?

I see a special level of hell waiting for these people who build killing machines to pay for their cable TV bills and their puny little 2 week vacations.


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